23 Gram Gold Ingot Viking or Bronze Age

By: Anonymous

I started out on a normal days detecting, or so I thought!! First good signal turned out to be a very worn Elizabeth hammered penny but they all count and I was up and running. I headed up the field finding a worn rose farthing on the way amongst lots of other bits and bobs! Soon it was time to head roughly towards camp for a bite to eat so I checked Google Earth and spotted a couple of features in the next door field I wanted to check out and started off.


The second field was rougher and I had to slow down, finding assorted lead, buttons and the usual finds but very little rubbish if I'm honest, at least until halfway to the camp I flipped out a spadeful and out popped a battered old pen top, at least it looked like a pen top until I picked it up!!! it couldn't be, could it!!!! It was...... gold!

Not many moments can compare to that one and after a few minutes to collect my thoughts I got down to gridding the area which unfortunately yielded nothing but iron and by now feeling like I might explode I headed back to camp where I was sworn at repeatedly for the sometime.