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2 Roman Coins Metal Detecting Find

By: Michael K.

My name is Michael Kent and I am a US service member living in Germany. I found 2 Roman coins, one either copper or bronze and one silver. They were found here in Germany about 100 years apart in a forest near where I live, close to where there was a known Roman settlement. They were found around midday during a a chilly fall day. The silver coin shows Emperor Valentinian on the face. This coin is nearly 1700 years old and in incredible shape. The other coin you can just barely make out the face, but it is also extremely old, certainly from the same time period. The coins were found using a Minelab Equinox 600 and a Kellyco Vulcan 360 pinpointer. I have been metal detecting for about 4 months, and these are my first Roman finds.