1893 Silver

By: Anonymous

Went out before the sunrise to hit a town nearby with a good friend. We went to hit the old courthouse and it was a bust . It was built in the 1860's but must have been pounded over the years plus a TON on iron.

Well we saw another community building that was old. I looked it up on my phone and turns out it was 1800's also and sure enough, city owned. So off we went detecting.

After 4 minutes, I hit a solid 12-43 on the CTX 3030 and it turned out to be a big coin, dirty and heavy. It had a hint of silver so to the van I went to wash it off.

HOLY COW!!! An 1893 Columbian Half!!! I seriously thought about stopping and going home cause nothing could top it for the day.

I decided to stay and see what other goodies I could find. I hit a wheat then a Rosie 1946D 2 silvers Awesome!! The Rosie had a buddy, a 1944 wheat.

Later I hit 2 more wheats, 1 was 1920 the other a 1911.

Well a few buckles and lipstick tube later it was time to head home and do some things. This makes #23 & #24 Silvers for the year.