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1892 Barber Quarter Metal Detecting Find

By: Robert S.

My daughter Peyton & I have detected a late 1800's Wheeling WV farm house whenever we get free time. This particular outing was a bit frustrating as the temperature was hot and the bugs were in love with us. A few 6" deep pennies that we had hoped were Indian Heads were cleaned by Peyton on site and determined to be memorials. We weren't real thrilled as I promised Peyton that "today was the day"! Another belt buckle size object created some excitement while pinpointing in the hole. However, when landed to the surface, it was determined to be a lid of some sort. Not the winner we were dreaming of. I told Peyton it was time to wrap it up, she didn't argue and we walked to the truck. One last swing I said, she agreed. It was an area we detected at least eight other times. This time was different: A great signal reached our Minelab CTX 3030. Peyton did the rest and within a minute she was holding a beautiful 1892 Barber quarter that was only 3" deep. It was the first 1800's silver find that Peyton and I had teamed up on. It's now our favorite! We cannot to wait get back out. Packing bug spray the next time-for sure!