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1879 GW Button Metal Detecting Find

By: Jeffrey M.

I am brand new to the hobby. I got myself a Garrett AT Pro for Christmas and headed out as soon as I could. I realized right away that I needed a few accessories in order to make it more enjoyable. I got myself a Garrett Propointer AT pinpointer, a good shovel, and a pouch to hold my treasures. After detecting for a couple of months my knees started to hurt from digging so many holes without a pad so I had to stop for a few days. I had a hard time staying away from the hobby even though it was killing me to kneel. I got myself a kneeling pad and went back to a permission I’ve hunted a couple of times. This time I was armed with a new 5" x 8" coil to help with all the trashy signals I was getting. The house was built in the early 1700’s and is the oldest one in town. Central Massachusetts has a rich history. I knew I was searching a permission that could yield some very interesting relics or coins. I had already found my first 1903 Indian Head penny and a 1827 Large Cent with the stock coil and I wanted to try to pinpoint between the trash to see if there was more to find. And boy was there! I got a good signal in the 80’s on the AT Pro so I thought I may find my first silver dime. I began to dig it. It was close to a large tree and the roots made it tough but I was determined to find out what this good signal was. I kept using the pinpointer and zeroing in on it. It ended up being right under a large root and one of the most difficult items to get to. When I finally got it out of the hole I saw it was “coinlike” but then realized it was a button. “Darn” I thought, “a button" and I put it in my pouch for later. When I got home I washed it off and could see some writing. First I saw the “GW” and wondered what clothing company it was from and then I saw “Long Live The President” and had no idea what I was holding in my hand at that moment. I googled it and that's when I had the palpation. George Washington? Our first president? Holy Cow! This button is from 1879. This button hadn't see daylight for about 230 years. That just blew me away. The condition isn't perfect but it was in the ground for two centuries! I'm not sure how I can top this find. Now I am 110% addicted to this hobby and can't wait to start find more “bucket list” items. Maybe a new detector or coil that can reach even deeper is on the horizon.