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1795 Large Cent Found with Lone Star

By: Anonymous

I am 12 years old and I have a Bounty Hunter Lone Star that I got for Christmas. I live in Montclair NJ. I usually dig on Elm st on this hill where people usually have picnics. I hope to find my first silver coin there but usually just find clad change and 1800s nails. When I was driving past it I saw that across the street was a gazebo and a little garden. I wanted to dig there hoping to find my first silver coin but I found something much better. About a week later I went on a Sunday at about 5:00 PM. I had a lot of homework so I didnt have alot of time to dig and it looked like it was about to rain. I started hunting around the gazebo and found a zinc penny. I wasn't happy about that and started to think I wouldn't find anything but now I am happy I kept going. Then, by the garden I got a 1c 10c 25c and 50c signal. It had just started to drizzle so I had to dig it up fast. I started digging and about 3 in down I hit concrete and thought that it was under the concrete. When I just started walking away I thought "let me sweep the sides with my automax precision v4 pinpointer" I swept the sides and got a small beep so I dug on the sides and pulled out a large copper thing. [split] I thought it was a button and my mom thought it was a silver half because it felt like it had a reeded edge. I told her that a silver half would rub of easily. Then it started to pour so we packed up and got into the car. As we were driving home, I tried to figure out what it was and then I started screaming and my mom said "what is it?" and I told her what I thought it was and she didn't believe me. So when we got home I told my dad and he didn't believe me and my dad and my mom were wispering things to each other like how are we going to tell him that it isn't what he thinks. I ran upstairs to get my coin books and a light. My mom came up and I showed her that I was right and that I had found a 1795-1796 Large cent. We could not tell the date. We think it is a 1795 reeded edges large cent which only seven are known and we are going to get it checked out by a expert. It's in bad condition but it still could be worth a lot of money if its reeded edge.

1795-large-cent-found-lone-star-1 1795-large-cent-found-lone-star-2