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Keene Super Sluice Box

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Product highlights

This Super Sluice Box is the first sluice that allows you to dump unclassified material through the box at much higher volumes.

Product Description

Our Super Sluice Box is the first sluice that allows you to dump unclassified material through the box at much higher volumes than ever thought possible while still retaining fine gold! Not only does this sluice a eat material like no other, it is the easiest and fastest sluice to set up in the world.

I can't tell you how many times it took me 20, 30 minutes, even an hour in some cases, walking up and down the river looking for just the right depth of rocks, water flows, etc. Now it takes only a few minutes to set up and get to work. Equipped with our upgraded Mini Max folding Leg system that a articulates 4 different positions independently. Each leg travels up and down as well.

The screen system features a mix of grizzly bars, a punch plate and woven wire which quickly classifies the material and drops the water speeds underneath to at least half! This allows the riffles to do their job in ideal conditions. We are using a mix of carpets, expanded metal, Hungarian riffles and our world famous Miracle matting. This combination provides the ultimate in regenerative riffle design that works even in heavy black sand areas. The variety of rifle designs performs exceptionally well in a multitude of conditions and is very forgiving if you tilt the box to the side or have disruptions in the water flow. It really holds on to the gold!

We have manufactured this sluice box with the highest possible quality we can achieve. The legs, latches, screens, and riffles are simply bulletproof and should last for years. The performance of this sluice box is "by far superior to anything on the market” We simply blow the competition away. This sluice box will find you more gold than any other box out there and you will not find a better sluice box to expand into dredges, high bankers and more than the Keene Super Sluice.

  • SKU 554-A52S
  • Quick Look Riffle designed Keene Super Sluice Box for high volume separation of unclassified material from fine gold. Expanded into High bankers & more
  • Manufacturer SKU A52S
  • Manufacturer Keene
  • Product Type Sluice Boxes
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Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 6/8/2021 By: John

    Q: What is the overall dimensions and weight? Can this be backpacked?

    A: 50 inches long by 18 inches wide and 5 inches tall. This the combined measurements of both items bolted together, it weighs 18.5 lbs.
  • Posted On: 6/6/2021 By: Jeffrey kanagy

    Q: I want to order this sluice i live in South Carolina and will be ordering this sluice say within the next month, it will be at least two weeks..i will call you then :)

    A: Due to shipping delays, we are asking our customers who wish to order a Keene product to order it directly through them.
  • Posted On: 6/4/2021 By: Simon Mathew McFadden

    Q: Do you deliver to Scotland and what's the cost for a keene a52s sluice

    A: Sorry, due to manufacturer restrictions, we cannot ship outside of the US.
  • Posted On: 4/13/2021 By: athos

    Q: buonasera abito in Europa ( svizzera ) é possibile spedire in svizzera ? sono interessato a keene A 52 / o keene's A 52 s !!! grazie per una risposta ,saluti Athos

    A: Al momento, a causa delle restrizioni del produttore, non spediamo la maggior parte dei prodotti al di fuori degli Stati Uniti. Alcune delle nostre macchine professionali, come le unità OKM, vengono spedite al di fuori degli Stati Uniti. Ci scusiamo per il disagio ma dobbiamo rispettare le richieste dei produttori.
  • Posted On: 3/17/2021 By: Ward Campbell

    Q: how much is the shipping to wyoming for a keene a52s? how much is the tax

    A: You would need to contact Keene directly for that information. They are behind on shipping and as such we have been referring customers directly to them. 818-993-0411.
  • Posted On: 3/16/2021 By: Gary

    Q: What are the dimensions of the A52S sluice?, widht length etc

    A: Sorry, I do not have that in our specs. Here is the number for Keene directly 818-993-0411.

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