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Minelab bundle includes Equinox 800, Pro-Find 15 pinpointer, and complete digging kit.
Product Description
This Minelab bundle will have you set up just in type for detecting season to start heating up. Includes an Equinox 800, Pro-Find 15, and digging kit complete with the following:
  • Radius Root Slayer Soil Knife
  • White's Ground Hawg Shovel
  • Kellyco Red Elite Metal Detector Bag
  • Kellyco Sifter Finds Pouch
  • Kellyco Gloves
  • Kellyco Golf Towel
  • Andre's Pencil Complete Relic Restoration Set
  • Quick Look This Minelab detecting bundle is ready just in time for Spring. Complete with Equinox 800, Pro-Find 15, and digging equipment.
  • Manufacturer Kellyco Bundle
  • Product Type Bundle
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    • ★★★★★ Nox 800 Spring Bundle

    Review by Gerald on April 18, 2021

    I wanted to upgrade from my Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro to the Minelab Equinox 800. I was lucky enough to get in on the Spring Bundle. It got to me in 2 days here in Oklahoma, that is very fast. Everything in the bundle was top notch. I had never shopped with Kellyco before. It has been an awesome experience. I now am out learning my machine. I chose Kellyco because of all the YouTube reviews. I am glad I did.
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 4/14/2021 By: Michael

    Q: I live in Germany, do you ship here, when yes what does it cost. Thank you for you’re time

    A: At this time, due to manufacturer restrictions, we are not shipping most products outside the US. Some of our professional machines, like OKM units, are shipping outside the US. We apologize for the inconvenience but need to respect the manufacturers requests.
  • Posted On: 4/12/2021 By: Gerald Nooner

    Q: On the Equinox 800 spring bundle, does the radius root slayer soil knife come with a sheath?

    A: The sheath is not included with that particular soil knife.
  • Posted On: 4/12/2021 By: Gerald Nooner

    Q: Does the coil come with a coil cover? I got the spring bundle.

    A: Yes, the coil cover is included.
  • Posted On: 4/6/2021 By: Barry COWAN

    Q: How deep will the minelab 800 go in the ground?

    A: There are a lot of variables, but rule of thumb it that it is relative to coil size. The 800 comes with an 11" coil so you are looking at about 11" in depth.
  • Posted On: 3/29/2021 By: william richey

    Q: hi, i am very interesting in buying a Minelab Equinox 800 bundle with some custom changes, how do i go about requesting a price.. kind regards, william

    A: Hello William, just give us a call for your own custom bundle.
  • Posted On: 3/22/2021 By: Michael Piatkowski

    Q: If I purchase this bundle, how do I know I will be receiving the latest produced Equinox 800 unit and not a left over model with known E-box flooding and inferior shaft issues?

    A: The 800 is probably our best selling detector and turnover is very quick meaning our inventory is replenished often, our units are up to date.
  • Posted On: 3/21/2021 By: Cory

    Q: can I switch out the pin pointer for the model 35?

    A: Sorry the bundles are already pre-set and can't be modified, but we can do custom bundles.
  • Posted On: 3/16/2021 By: Ron Krantz

    Q: How does the Equinox 800 compare to my White's V3i ? I find the White's complicated and not easy to use.

    A: In my opinion the Equinox 800 would be easier to use than the V3i, the White's is a great unit, but with them being out of business, parts and service will be difficult to come by.
  • Posted On: 3/15/2021 By: Roger Richardson

    Q: I submitted a veterans proof. How do I get the discount applied to an order?

    A: Hello Roger, Give me a call at 855-293-5001. I'll be happy to assist you with your order. Dave

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