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Strongsuit Gloves for Sale

Strongsuit Gloves

"After more than 20 years in the glove manufacturing business, we have seen many different design ideas and concepts. We have seen customers get it almost perfect, but stop short of a masterpiece. Thus, we decided to offer a new concept to the market. Perfect designs for every task, for multi uses, coming DIRECT from the factory at unbelievable prices. We want consumers to have the perfect glove for whatever they are doing, and be able to use the glove in multiple environments. We have the design expertise to finish the job that other companies fail to do and give customers the world’s best gloves."

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Goldpay Paydirt for Sale


"My dad took me gold panning for the first time when I was 11 yrs old. The very first pan ever had 5 small gold nuggets in it. To me they were the size of baseballs and my life was forever changed. I have no kids of my own but with my paydirt and gold nugget sales if I can do to just 1 kid what my dad did to me (gave me the fever) then my life will be fulfilled. I am more about putting smiles on peoples faces than almost anything else!"

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Apex Picks for Sale

Apex Picks

"We at Apex pride ourselves in producing the highest quality, USA made product that we can for the price. We utilize some cutting edge technologies provided by us and some contract manufacturers in the states who have developed custom cooling for us to provide a repeatable product that matches well with very high end technology metal detectors that find gold deeper all the time. Without a high end pick to get to it, seeing on a metal detector, almost means nothing and is more frustrating than not even knowing its there. The small business sector is truly what keeps America chugging along and we are proud to be part of it."

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Sluice Goose for Sale

Sluice Goose

"My primary business for 40 years is Industrial Rebuilders Corp which is a job shop maintenance and repair machine shop servicing local industrial, agricultural, food processing, transportation and wood products companies. I rebuild old parts to new condition and manufacture new what can't be restored to keep my customers in production. In 2015 I discovered a new way to separate gold and dirt using the physics of Elutriation and invented the GOLDROP. My partner Mike Gray and I filed for and received a US Patent #10069197 in 2018 and formed Sluice Goose Industries to manufacture the GOLDROP. 12 prototypes were tested in developing the current production design. We are now in transition to manufacture the GOLDROP fulltime as our focus as the market grows. Owning and operating a small business is very satisfying if one is willing to work hard and long to achieve success. A business's purpose is to provide a service and is focused on the customers needs and desires. A satisfied customer is repeat business and word of mouth advertising."

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Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum jewelry for Sale

Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum

"Mel Fisher, the Worlds Greatest Treasure Hunter opened this museum in 1992 in Sebastian, FL after successfully salvaging the 1715 Fleet and discovering the motherlode of the Atocha. He instilled his mantra "Today's the Day" in all of his family and crew and that is the reason his legacy continues to carry on. The millions in remaining cargo of the Atocha is yet to be found and the search continues. Although we are a small, family owned business, Mel Fisher was a pioneer in the historic shipwreck salvage industry and we have a story worth telling. We MUST continue to educate the public through our exhibits that our coastal waters are a nexus where cultures and history come together."

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Brute Magnetics Magnet Fishing for Sale

Brute Magnetics

"From a young age, Clay, founder of Brute Magnetics, had an entrepreneurial spirit. What began with a childhood lemonade stand led to various other enterprises throughout his growing up years. He also had a keen interest in metal detecting and treasure hunting. He discovered that back in the 1960's his father had used a military surplus magnet to search for metal objects in local lakes. This piqued his interest. He tried using a ferrite magnet but found this type to be inferior. After researching the market, he discovered there were few good options available. This began his quest to develop a stronger, more efficient fishing magnet. Along with this engineer father, they worked on various designs using neodymium magnets. Through trial and error the current Brute Magnetics product line was created. It is a true family-run business with three generations actively participating in operations. What started in a garage has grown to a 6,000 square foot warehouse in North Georgia."

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Andre's Pencils for Sale

Andre's Pencils

"I started this business about 3 years ago. Initially, it was not meant to be a business at all. It all began with the Facebook group about how detectorists can clean and restore their finds, while respecting the history they carry. Having befriended André Corbel, the maker of the cleaning pencils, I thought that his products really deserved to be known in the US. Today, his products are world famous and greatly appreciated by detectorists. A "must have" in your cleaning toolbox!"

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Grave Digger Tools for Sale

Grave Digger Tools

"Grave digger tools is an American family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on durability, performance and our stand out colors. We started back in 2014 after I was detecting in my backyard and the shovel I was using broke. As a welder and fabricator of industrial machinery, I took it upon myself to make one, not knowing that that a picture posted to social media would spark so much attention. I keep going because I want to continue giving people a quality product and to expand my product line. I also continue going because I want to pass Grave digger tools down to my children and their children in the future. Being a small business gives us the advantage of developing personal relationships with our customers, which is the main reason why Grave Digger Tools is where it is at today."

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RTG Scoops for Sale

Reilly's Treasured Gold - RTG Scoops

"Reilly's Treasured Gold has been part of the metal detecting community for over 30 years. We take great pride in our RTG scoops that we manufacture here in the U.S.A. Our long time employees and loyal customers are what makes our small business a success."

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Kellyco Metal Detectors's founder Stu Auerbach

Kellyco Metal Detectors

Kellyco’s roots date back to 1955, when American entrepreneur and veteran, Stu Auerbach, founded Kellyco Metal Detectors outside of Miami, Florida after a bulk purchase of surplus military mine detectors. In the six decades to follow, the company experienced sustainable growth, expansion and cosmetic changes. After the turn of the millennium, Stu turned his attention online and built a new website at Taking what he learned from the success of the catalog, he brought Kellyco’s shelves to all fifty states. This move catapulted Kellyco into becoming the world’s largest supplier of metal detectors direct to customers. And to this day, we have the largest selection of metal detectors and accessories available in America.

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