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Metal Detector Reviews

One of the top questions we receive at Kellyco is: which metal detector should I buy? Read over thousands of our metal detector reviews written by real customers to help you find the best metal detector or accessories. See below for more metal detector reviews.

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Kellyco Kellyco Sifter Finds Pouch for Metal Detecting Review by Guest (Posted on March 18, 2021)
Kellyco Sifter Finds Pouch (New Logo 7.24.20)

Great pouch with a lot of room. I love the mesh on the bottom because all the dirt falls out.

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Nokta | Makro Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector with Headphones Review by Bulldog detecting (Posted on March 17, 2021)
Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones from Kellyco Metal Detectors

Target I’d is spot on depth is great a won’t be sorry machine the price is outstanding works like my 700,00dollar machine great product

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Quest Quest Scuba Tector Pro (Orange) Review by Jane (Posted on March 15, 2021)
Quest Scuba Tector Pro Orange

On opening the compact box, the first thing you see is a smart looking orange and black coloured folded mini detector. I dug down and found some additional surprises in the box, none of which seem to have been listed on any website (including the Quest site), apart from the included USB-C cable to charge the battery. Surprises included: a coil cover - an extendable coiled lanyard to secure the detector to a diving belt – a second lanyard to attach to your wrist for beach and shallow water detecting – a bag containing two 'O' seals and plastic pieces, (most of which I have yet to figure out what they are for) – a plastic adaptor which screws on to the top of the detector handle into which you can fit a rod – a nice Quest bag for carrying the detector – Quest stickers, along with their 2020 catalogue and a card indicating the serial number of the detector for warranty purposes. No manual is included apart from a piece of cardboard which forms part of the packaging of the box which has illustrative diagrams with arrows indicating how to turn it on, the boost and mode button and recharge point.

I immediately charged the battery to full capacity (lasts 14 hours), and made myself a rod out of a cast-off hiking trekking pole as this lady of 62 prefers not to be bent double when searching! I attached the rod to the detector with the plastic adaptor but the rod wiggled a bit as it was not the same diameter as the adaptor. One thing that is great is that as the trekking pole is metal, I could still use the vibrate mode rather than the audible alarm. I then headed to the local freshwater streams.

The machine is superb, very versatile and so much fun to use! The orange handle is 9 inches long and the oblong coil is 9.75 inches by 3.50 inches wide. On my very first search in the stream it alerted me to something near a rock (a large old bolt). It can access small crevices in rocks and is very easy to flip around and maneuver. I tested it on a gold ring which it found at a depth of 4 inches. The buzzer alert is not loud enough especially when searching near rushing water which is where the vibrate alert comes in so well. Of course it is a small light machine and when folded up (so neat!), fits easily into a backpack.

A few points to consider:
• After 2 hours of constant detecting in cold melted-snow water, the rod adaptor broke. Quest does not have the adaptor listed as an accessory (in fact the accessory list on their website is blank). Kellyco stepped in though and saved the day (they really are awesome).
• You will need to make your own rod as none are available yet from Quest.
• No “interchangeable search coil” is listed or available.
• No manual is included or available.

HOWEVER, this mini detector is definitely worth buying and worth waiting for the items mentioned above from Quest. Have fun!

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Garrett Garrett ACE Apex Metal Detector with Viper Coil Review by DirtHole Digger (Posted on March 11, 2021)
Garrett ACE Apex Metal Detector Assembled on Top of Manufacturer's Box on White Background

About the Apex metal detector with the viper coil used today for the first time found my first stinking Lincoln in my front yard with one inch snow on the ground. Kelly Cole thank you for your advice on this metal detector I'm sure I have many more fines thank you dirt hole digger

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Minelab Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector Review by Keys2Heaven (Posted on March 10, 2021)
Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector shown with all accessories from Kellyco Metal Detectors

I purchased an Equinox 800 as I wanted an excuse to spend more time outdoors. I was amazed at how quickly one can be up and hunting right out of the box and how the many advanced features allow you to "dial in" the detector for your location. My first time out, I found a 2007 Presidential dollar and a couple of clad quarters. The next day, I found my first wheat penny! I was so happy with my purchase that I purchased one for my 78 year old father as well!

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Grave Digger Tools Grave Digger Tools SideKick Black Review by Mark (Posted on March 10, 2021)

This digger is fantastic! It is extremely strong and has a good grip. Would highly recommend to friends and family.

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Nokta | Makro Nokta Makro SP24 9.5" x 5" Black Search Coil (for Simplex+) Review by mts (Posted on March 4, 2021)
Nokta Makro SP24 Search Coil for Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector

I was disappointed in this coil due to the glowing reviews here and on YouTube. Many people said they didn't notice any loss of depth. I'm here to tell you that this is simply wrong. You can expect to lose up to 2" of depth using this coil. This is true for pretty much all smaller coils.

Pros: It is easier to maneuver, quieter, and has great trash separation for targets that are close together. There are shallow targets that this coil found that I simply would not have found with the standard stock coil. But that is what you should expect from using a smaller coil. If it didn't do this, why would you even buy it?

Cons: Depth. I have measured and noticed at least 2" of depth loss using this coil. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Again, this is to be expected.

So I will be putting my original stock coil back on for most general purpose detecting. For really trashy sites with shallower targets, this is a great coil. But if you are looking for deep stuff, this isn't it. And anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is expecting you to ignore physics and common sense.

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Garrett Garrett 5 x 8" Ripper Multi-Flex DD Search Coil (Apex) Review by Dirt hole Digger (Posted on March 4, 2021)
Garrett 5 x 8

Kellyco.... you know your Coils. The Ripper coil for the Apex 5x8 did the Job
my house was built in 1853. here in upstate n.y. found a trade coin from the late 1800s. the stock coil viper is ok .but go with the Ripper. and dig deep
boys.. 3 inches of snow on the ground. and melting 16 days before Spring
by now if u own the apex.. u will be happy.. t,y, kellyco
Dirthole Digger..

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Nokta | Makro Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector Review by Nolan (Posted on March 3, 2021)
Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector shown with accessories from Kellyco Metal Detectors

Got the Simplex a few months back with Hope's of it being a surprising upgrade from my garrett ace 300.

I was right.

This machine, for the $254, is unrivaled. The fact that it has audio control, ground balance, iron volume and audio, and the waterproof capability, it's really a no brainer to choose this over the garrett ace 300 and 400. People have said it has outperformed or performed on the same level as an AT Pro, which is quite encouraging. I don't have much time on the machine; however, I dug over 30 relics and coins from the early 1900s back to the 1700s on my first hunt, which I awesome. I got some nice hits too, which is encouraging as I wanted an upgrade in depth as well. I didn't find too many deep targets, but most items were shallow and I have little doubt about it hitting deeper targets with the proper speed and settings.

Field mode- Not the best in iron, but if you like digging deep stuff, go for it. It takes some time to get used to the few tones though. Still a great mode, and excellent in heavily dug areas to get deep targets.

Park mode 1- Excellent, and I used this primarily on my hunt which could have affected depth but probably not by too much. This mode does well in iron in comparison to the field mode, and personally I would use park mode to pick out stuff before switching to field mode for the deepest of targets.

Again, haven't had crazy time with the machine, but from first impressions, get this over a garrett 300 or 400, no doubt it outperforms both very well. Depth is good, feel Is good, and so is the rechargeable battery.

Happy Hunting

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Garrett Garrett ACE Apex Metal Detector with Viper Coil Review by big apple (Posted on February 27, 2021)
Garrett ACE Apex Metal Detector Assembled on Top of Manufacturer's Box on White Background

I bought this detector when it first was first released during the summer it was so hot i really didn`t get a chance to detect. as soon as i could i put it to work and i am satisfied with this machine found several silver coins deepest one was at 6 inches when it locks on it is very accurate with what it shows on the display very pleased.

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