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Nokta PulseDive 2-in-1 Scuba Detector and Pinpointer - Black


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Product highlights

  • Patented Design: Allows for quick transformation of device from a Scube Detector to a Pinpoint and back in seconds
  • Waterproof: IP68 rating means the scuba detector is waterproof up to 200 feet (60 meters)
  • Pulse Induction: Ensure stable operation in saltwater or any type of soil
  • Built-in Wireless ModuleCompatible with Nokta Makro 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones
  • LED Flashlight: Easily see your target at night or underwater
  • Dive Mode: Locks the keys and prevents them from being pressed by water pressure while deep diving
  • Lost Alarm: After 5 minutes of inactivity, emits an audible alarm and LED starts flashing
Product Description

Whether you are a professional diver, a vacationer or simply a detectorist that searches both on land and underwater, the Nokta | Makro PulseDive with 5.5" Coil will be the best addition to your gear this year!

PulseDive Features:

· IP68 - Waterproof up to 60m (200ft.)
· Pulse Induction - This powerful technology allows for very stable operation in saltwater or in any type of soil.
· Built-in Wireless Module - Compatible with Nokta Makro 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones.
· Detection Alerts & Indicators - Audio Only 2. Vibration Only 3. Audio & Vibration & LED Indicator in addition to any of the above
· LED Flashlight - Easily see your target at night or when hunting underwater.
· Rapid Retune - Ensures stable operation of the device with the push of one button.
· Dive Mode - Provides easier operation under water by locking the keys and preventing them to be pressed by water pressure while deep diving.
· Lost Alarm - After 5 minutes of inactivity, the device emits an audible alarm and LED starts flashing.
· Replaceable Hard-Shell Case - The replaceable pointer coil comes with a hard-shell protection case to prevent wear of the detection tip.

  • SKU 1448-10000112
  • Quick Look The Nokta Makro Pulsedive Scuba Detector with 5.5" Search Coil is designed for land and water. Features a dive mode and is waterproof up to 60m (200 ft).
  • Manufacturer SKU 10000112
  • Manufacturer Nokta | Makro
  • Product Type Pinpointers
  • Factory Included Accessories
      • 5.5" Scuba Coil
      • Scuba Coil Cover
      • Black or Yellow Replaceable Hard-Shell Case
      • USB Charging Cable
      • Coil Connector Dust Protection Cap
    • Color Black
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    • ★★★★★ Absolutely love it!

    Review by Dr James on October 14, 2020

    I wanted to let everyone know that I Absolutely LOVE the Nokta Makro Pulsedive Scuba Detector - Black! It is a little more expensive than some other brands...But, in this case, you get what you pay for! This detector is well-built and I believe it is plenty rugged enough to withstand exposure to the elements for a long period of time. Great Choice of Product Line, KellyCo!
    • ★★★★★ Pulse Dive great for diving

    Review by Phil B on November 21, 2019

    My main use of the Pulse Dive is for diving. Robust, good max depth, and easy to use. Clear notice and delivered with a set of o'rings for maintenance. Two products in one with the pointer module. Good protection hard case.
    • ★★★★★ Pulse dive is a real value.

    Review by Joe g on August 20, 2019

    I am very happy with this detector, where else can you get an underwater detector and a Pinpointer for this price. It has been well thought out. It has a good depth, rechargeable battery, lanyard, its compact size makes it easy to control in heavy current, no need for a headphone since you can hear it underwater, has vibration and light mode as well. I have owned many detectors and I find this is one of the best values especially for the diver.
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 8/14/2021 By: Josh

    Q: When do you expect to have the yellow 5.5" Nokta available again? Thank you.

    A: I'm sorry, I do not have an in stock date at this time.
  • Posted On: 7/15/2021 By: Dave Sheldon

    Q: Judging from the picture, I'm guessing that the pinpointer and coil units can NOT be swapped while underwater. Correct? Also, how much $ total price to Denver,Co area? Thanks

    A: That is correct. You cannot swap these underwater or it will flood the unit.
  • Posted On: 6/10/2021 By: David

    Q: Do you have the kit in yellow?

    A: Yes, here it is. https://www.kellycodetectors.com/pulsedive-scuba-detector-yellow
  • Posted On: 2/19/2021 By: David Hale

    Q: Can a long handle be attached and used as a land gold detector

    A: No, it cannot. I believe for one, you would have an issue with the angle of the coil.
  • Posted On: 1/13/2021 By: Dennis bailey

    Q: What is compatible with the Simplex I am looking for a pin pointer and price nz$

    A: The Nokta Makro PulseDive Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer at $101.15 https://www.kellycodetectors.com/pulsedive-pinpointer-black
  • Posted On: 8/3/2020 By: Cliff

    Q: I'm new to metal detectors, and am getting ready to purchase one. Is the Nokta Makro Pulsedive Scuba Detector a stand-alone detector, or is this an accessory to the main metal detector? I'm basing my purchase decision on something I can dive with (beyond 10 foot depths), and the applicable diving detectors are very costly, so i'm wondering if I can purchase this unit for deeper dives, and then get just a regular, mid-cost range metal detector that is good for up to 10 feet to use when not diving. Hope this question makes sense... Thank you, Cliff


    The Nokta Makro Pulse Dive would be perfect for you to use on your dives that are over 10 feet. This is made for those deep dives and meant to be a handheld detector for diving deep. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Posted On: 7/27/2020 By: Gary

    Q: At what depth would the buttons be pressed underwater, if I am using it at depths of 35-45 feet, does it need to be in dive mode or can I leave it in normal mode with being up and down an embankment.


    You can lock the buttons at any point or use the dive mode this will not have an impact on the performance of the Pulse Dive. I do not know the exact depth that the pressure from the water will start pushing the buttons from the pressure but believe it is 50 feet or so. 

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