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When it comes to gold prospecting, there are many important pieces of equipment that are needed. While gold pans, classifiers, gold metal detectors, and digging tools are essential, there are some gold prospecting hand tools and accessories that are also very important. Kellyco is proud to offer a variety of hand tools and accessories that are built to help you get the most gold out of each of your prospecting trips. If you have any questions about any of our gold prospecting hand tools and accessories, please reach out to us, as we would love to help you.

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What Are Some Gold Prospecting Hand Tools & Accessories?

While there are a wide range of gold prospecting tools, there are some important ones that every prospector should at least consider purchasing. One of the most important tools you can have for gold prospecting is a pick designed for prospectors and treasure hunters. You can use picks for a variety of scenarios, from tough, hard soil, to solid rock. Picks break up the sediment so that you have the ability to recover what is valuable.

In addition to a good pick, most prospectors also feel the need for storage solutions once they have recovered gold. Kellyco offers two different product types that fill that need. One of the items is a snuffer with a squeeze cap that collects the tiniest flakes and nuggets of gold. This is great for getting all of the gold out of your pan or machine without losing a single flake. The other product type is a vial that simply holds your gold. It offers clear viewing material so that you are able to examine your gold you found more in depth. These vials are tough, will not break, and will keep your treasure safe until you get home. These are two great examples of must-haves for both beginner and professional gold prospectors.

One final must-have for any serious prospector is a light source. If you take gold hunting seriously or have gold fever, you are going to spend early mornings and late evenings in the field. Nothing is more irritating than trying to hold a flashlight while hunting for gold, and work light mounted on a tripod is just too bulky. That is where the headlamp comes in. Headlamps are great, as they provide no-hands light that will keep you hunting longer and allow you to find more of the metal that makes you happy.

What Should I Look for in Prospecting Tools & Accessories?

When you are trying to determine which prospecting tools you need, it is important to consider the way you hunt for gold. If you are someone who has to backpack into remote areas, you are going to want to buy the lightest, most minimalist tools and accessories. You would for sure want a lightweight pick, small gold pans, some small snuffer bottles, and a couple of vials to hold your gold. If you are someone who can drive close to their prospecting areas, you can take a large, heavy pick, larger gold pans, classifiers, multiple snuffer bottles, and lots of gold storage. It essentially comes down to what you are able to pack into your prospecting areas that determines which tools and accessories you may want.

What Are the Best Prospecting Tools & Accessories?

It is not possible to determine what the best tools and accessories are for those wishing to invest in them. There are too many personal preferences and situations to suggest the perfect kit of tools and accessories. With that being said, there are some very popular best sellers that we offer. Most gold prospectors love the Garrett Gold Guzzler for its quick and easy cleanup of the smallest gold flakes and nuggets. It is fast, simple, and effective, and will help you bring home more of what you find. The Fiskars Pro 36” Prospecting Pick is a tool that is built to last a lifetime, while only weighing five pounds. And finally, for anyone in the market for a headlamp, The Life + Gear 330 Lumen Headlamp is built to turn night into day. It's easy, hands-free construction allows you to see what you are doing while using both of your hands. Each of these accessories and hand tools will help you find more gold with less energy, time, and effort.

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