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Gold Concentrators

A gold concentrator is going to make your gold prospecting experiencing more efficient and enjoyable by speeding up the process of recovering finer particles of gold. When you know you’ve hit paydirt, you want to be sure that you are extracting every existing piece of gold. That’s why there are instruments such as micro sluice gold concentrators that can change the way you approach prospecting for gold.

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Gold concentrators are aimed for the treasure hunter and gold prospector. At first, they may look somewhat imposing with their appearance, but these tools will change the way you approach prospecting for gold.

What are Gold Concentrators?

This tool is an item that uses centrifugal force in order to help with the recovery of gold. The goal is to make it possible to trap the highest percentage of gold possible. Now, thanks to more portable versions, anybody who is serious about hunting for gold can make full use of this approach to gold mining.

Modern gold concentrators are also able to process more soil and sand over the timespan of an hour due to the improvements of this technology.

Gold concentrators are designed to focus on finding fine gold particles that would otherwise be missed. However, the particles of gold can be so fine that it resembles dust, making it difficult for it to be extracted via ways other than with gold concentrators. While it may not sound like much, this can quite easily accumulate in a short period of time making the extraction worthwhile.

There are also several other positives associated with gold concentrators. One huge positive is that no chemicals are used in the process of separating the gold. Instead, they merely use power and a little water with nothing else involved.

The other main positive is its efficiency. The amount of gold recovered compared to the power and costs involved in its operation is a huge benefit. In addition, the price to get started with gold concentrators is reasonable.

How Gold Concentrators Work

How gold concentrators work is relatively simple to follow. The process involved using gravity to then separate out the gold. As a direct result, you will be able to extract more gold than you would without a gold concentrator.

The gold concentrator primarily uses a cone tube in the heart of the machine. The material is fed into the base before being forced to use power from a motor. The G-force that is created as a result then allows the gold to be separated from the other material, thanks to the natural weight difference. The gold can then be collected with ease after the gold concentrator has finished processing.

The key here is the number or revolutions that the central core spins at. The rotations will then create the G-force within the concentrator allowing for better recovery of the gold.

What is the Best Gold Concentrator to Buy?

There are several gold concentrators available and without any previous knowledge, deciding on the best one for your needs can be overwhelming. When you first begin weighing your options, you will notice there are two types: a zinc anodised and stainless steel version. We recommend purchasing the stainless steel option if you plan on prospecting for gold in or around saltwater. Over time, the salt would start to work against the zinc leading to parts having to be replaced. The zinc model is still a viable option, however, when using it around saltwater you will have to be extra cautious or limit your usage.

Aside from knowing which metal works best, you should also consider how much dirt you plan on putting through the machine over the course of an hour. This is linked to the size of the hopper as well as the power aspect, which is why you need to be aware of the engine and whether or not this can be expanded upon. You should also consider paying close attention to the number of revolutions associated with the gold concentrator.

If gold concentrators are something that you may be interested in learning more about, then feel free to contact us via our customer care department here at Kellyco. We will be happy to help answer any questions you may have in order to guide you towards the perfect concentrator for your needs.

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