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Engines & Pumps

Gold prospecting will often require some form of machinery. This means you may want to be aware of the various engines and pumps that are compatible with the machines you use for your gold prospecting adventures. With several options available, being aware of the power capacity and other key features in advance will help you with your purcahse.

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With a variety of engines and pumps at different HP, deciding which engine or pump you need for your machinery can take some research. However, building a better understanding of what to look for, as well as what each engine or pump is capable of doing, should allow you to ultimately end up with the right product for your individual needs.

The Key Features of Engines and Pumps

While we could discuss a whole host of aspects connected to engines and pumps, we will focus on what they are capable of doing from a gold prospecting point of view. Considering they are mainly used to power dredgers or other motorized items, being aware of what to expect from engines and pumps makes your life a whole lot easier when selecting the model.

First, there is the HP figure, and this can vary quite a lot. However, don’t be lured into the idea that the higher the number then the better the engine or pump. Instead, knowing your own expectations and what that equates to could allow you to buy a pump with reduced HP and still get the results you were hoping for.

Another key feature is the head lift distance. This refers to the height difference between the water source and the pump itself. Most models that we have in stock at Kellyco will have more than 100ft head lift which will be more than enough for most circumstances.

Browsing through the various options, you will notice that some engines and pumps also come with a compressor. This will be important should you want to dive underwater as it can then be used to provide an air supply in those instances.

What you will often find is that these engines and pumps are relatively compact in size and easy to move around. Their portability is undoubtedly a positive thing considering some of the rough terrain you may have to travel across in order to get to your gold prospecting site.

Choosing the Correct Size of Engine for Gold Prospecting

Choosing an engine or pump shouldn’t be stressful. Look carefully at what it will be used for and study the other equipment to see what each listing recommends. In most instances you are looking at how much water can be processed in a minute. What you will discover is that some models, such as the Keene 23HP engine can pump a staggering 650 gallons per minute. While this is higher than other models out there, such as the Keene 6.5HP model at 300 gallons a minute, it shows why you need to consider what is being processed when choosing the size of engine.

If you are at all uncertain regarding the size or power of the engine and pump, then our team of experts are on hand to help you.

Next Steps with Your Gold Prospecting Engine

The final point regarding buying an engine or pump for gold prospecting is to consider the fact that they are linked to certain dredgers. Pay attention to the model number and even though aspects can be modified, we recommend having an engine that is able to be attached and work immediately.

If you are unsure which engine or pump you should purchase, contact us directly at Kellyco via our customer care department. We would be happy to listen to your needs and then advise accordingly.

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