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Gold Drywashers

If you are a metal detectorist, there is a great chance that you are also a gold prospector. These two hobbies seem to go hand in hand, as gold fever is a real thing. If you are prospecting for the shiny, valuable metal in the desert or in sandy areas, a gold drywasher is a very necessary investment. Here at Kellyco, we are happy to offer three different Keene Engineering drywashers that combine quality and affordability, helping you stretch your hobby dollars farther. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about gold drywashers, as we would love to help.

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What Is a Gold Drywasher?

Gold drywashers have been used for decades, as they are a very efficient way to prospect for gold in dry conditions. Essentially, all gold drywashers accomplish their task in the same way. The gold is separated from the sand or sediment by bursts of air going through a cloth, using the density of gold and vibrations to separate the material. Vibrations and bursts of air help put the gold and other deposits in the dredge riffles, providing a fast, efficient way to sort small gold pieces out of sand and sediment.

While the function of gold drywashers is the same, the mechanics of the machines can vary largely. For example, Keene Engineering produces one model of drywasher that is operated by the prospector turning a hand crank. Another one of their drywasher models is one that is powered by a hands-free blower system. While they have different ways of getting airflow and vibrations, the Keene gold drywashers produce the same outcome.

How to Pick the Best Gold Drywasher

Picking the right gold drywasher can be a tough task, as there are a few major considerations that should be taken into account. One of the largest factors to keep in mind is the size of the drywasher. For example, the Keene Engineering Hand Crank Mini Dry Washer is much more compact and portable than the Keene Vibrostatic Drywasher. If you are going to be prospecting in places that are remote and hard to get to, it is very important to strongly consider the size of the gold dry washer you pick out.

The next important factor that will help guide your decision is the way that your machine is operated. One of the Keene drywashers is powered by a hand crank. This is a great operational mode if you are looking for something you will always be able to repair, as there is no motor or electrical parts integral to its design. Another machine of Keene’s is powered by an engine that blows the air. This can be a more complex fix, as there are many more things that could go wrong with it. That being said, there is much less effort involved with an engine.

The last and one of the most important factors on everyone’s mind is the price of the drywasher. The hand crank machine is half the price of the engine-powered machine, and this is always an important consideration for many. Regardless of which one you pick, they will all serve you well and help you find the gold treasure you are looking for.

Best Dry Washer for Gold Prospecting

While it is impossible to definitively say which drywasher is the best, there are a couple different options from Keene Engineering that are at the top of the list. Continue reading for a more in-depth look at each of these Keene Gold Dry Washers.

The Keene Hand Crank Mini Dry Washer is one of the lightest, most compact, and effective drywashers that you can purchase today. The oversized hopper allows you to control the flow of material to your desired setting, and the crank turns easily. It picks up the smallest gold nuggets and is built to serve you well for a lifetime.

The Keene Vibrostatic Drywasher is designed with a powerful engine that does all the work for you. It can pick up the tiniest gold nuggets and the large hopper allows you to work through a lot of material at once. This drywasher is built to last forever, and is easily assembled and disassembled, allowing you to spend more time prospecting and less time taking down and setting up.

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