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Ground Penetrating Radar

Used by a range of professionals, ground penetrating radar will provide you with an accurate representation of what lies below the ground. Perfect for utility locating, determining structures that lie below the surface, a gpr system will help speed up the process of developing new land, discovering where problems may lie, and allowing you to then proceed safe in the knowledge that you know precisely where everything is in advance.

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How Accurate is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground penetrating radar is exceptionally accurate, which is vital for the work that it is intended for. The need to locate underground utilities quickly and efficiently cannot be underestimated and this is where gpr surveys will prove to be a useful tool.

Basic models can expect to achieve over 90% accuracy allowing the individual to better understand the substructures due to the detailed subsurface imaging. Models such as the OKM Gepard GPR is capable of producing this accuracy to a penetration depth of over 140’ while other products have similar capabilities. 

How Does Ground Penetrating Radar Work?

Ground penetrating radar works using an easy method. The gpr system sends radar pulses down into the ground with it then detecting the reflected signals that are sent back from below the ground.

This works well as the natural ground, empty of anything apart from soil, will have a certain frequency. Concrete structures will then have their own reflective frequency with this then being repeated for stone, metal or anything else that may be buried. 

For this to work, it uses a gpr antenna which sends out the radar signal while another antenna receives the reply. These signals are then shown on a high resolution screen to provide you with an accurate representation, and it does this in real-time. This is one of the key areas where there has been significant advances in gpr technology allowing decisions to be made in a shorter period of time.

What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

The aim of ground penetrating radar is to provide you with a vision as to what lies below the surface. This type of geophysical method is used by surveyors, archaeologists and also treasure hunters due to the depth it can reach. Just as radar systems work in the sky and identify the location of aircraft, the same sending and receiving of radar signals applies to the ground version. 

The technology connected to ground penetrating radar has improved over the years. Now, thanks to better software , this type of surveying is more than 90% accurate with results being delivered in a shorter period of time. 

The frequency range that high-level radar systems can operate will vary depending on the model, but each product that we stock at Kellyco will be perfect for not only concrete scanning but also non-metallic elements and other structures below ground..

Uses of Ground Penetrating Radar

While there are some ground penetrating radar limitations, the range of items it can be used to locate is more extensive than you may expect. The number of gpr applications has led to an increase in the number of people wishing to find the best ground penetrating radar for treasure hunting or even the best ground penetrating radar for gold thanks to its pinpoint accuracy and providing an image to be examined.

However, as we have pointed out, the uses of ground penetrating radar also moves into industrial or commercial usage. That is why our range of options in our store also include the most appropriate ground penetrating radar for concrete and other structures.

What is the Best Ground Penetrating Radar?

With a number of options available at our store, the best ground penetrating radar will be closely linked to your desired use. If you are perhaps using it on relatively flat ground or don’t want to carry it around, then the Easy Radar brand will be your best option thanks to the equipment being on a cart.

Alternatively, the OKM Fusion Professional Plus allows for easy linking to a tablet PC thanks to using wireless technology. This model is viewed as being a good entry model for people just starting with 3D scanning as it also incorporates an acoustic magnetic field for further ease of use. In order to discover the correct ground penetrating radar for whatever you have in store, then we can help.

Ground penetrating radar is a sophisticated product that delivers powerful results in an instant. Capable of covering large areas in a short period of time, making sure you have purchased the correct gpr equipment for your needs is key. Contact the customer care department at Kellyco and one of our experts will be happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have regarding the models in stock.

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