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  • Minelab Baseball Cap

    High-quality, branded Minelab baseball cap for hobbyists and pro hunters to show their stuff
    SKU: 5306-0013
  • Striker Metal Detecting Bundle for Two

    Find everything with two metal detectors and meet up to use the relic rinse and magnifying glass to inspect your treasures together. Great gift bundle.
  • Kellyco CSI Forensic Detectorist Shirt - Black

    Get ready to look like a pro with this Forensic Detectorist shirt from Kellyco. Black, 100% Cotton with White Text.
  • Fiskars Ultra-Light Knee Pads

    Once you hear that signal, it is time to dig deeper and find that treasure and these Fiskars knee pads will be right there to protect your knees from added strain.
    SKU: 94186997J
  • Kellyco Knee Pads

    Don't forget one of the most important pieces of detecting gear, your knee pads, on your next hunt. Your knees will thank you for these gel-padded, adjustable knee pads.
  • XP Waterproof Headphones with 1/8" Jack

    Don't worry about the rain ruining your headphones while you are out on the hunt. Waterproof headphones submersible to 5m, or about 16.4ft from XP Metal Detectors.
    SKU: D0862
  • Coiltek Camo Ball Cap

    Tactical Coiltek camo baseball cap. Smooth, stylish fit with its rear adjustable clasp and soft inner headband.
    SKU: M03-0001
  • Fisher Khaki Baseball Cap

    Tough khaki material branded with the popular Fisher logo embroidered. Style, yet full protection for your head while detecting outdoors.
  • Garrett Detecting Gloves

    Detecting gloves are one of the most important tools to take with you on each hunt. Garrett has added padding and touchscreen capabilities to these gloves to offer even more flexibility while you hunt for treasure.
  • Mel Fisher Sterling Silver Single Prong 1 Reale Pendant - Shield-Out

    These museum-quality recreations were made with 100% Atocha Silver from silver bar #85A-S948, which was recovered from the motherlode of the Spanish shipwreck,
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