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  • XP 9" FMF Search Coil (DEUS II)

    Add this 9" coil to your XP DEUS Ii, and fit in tighter spots and you may just skip over some of that trash. Fast Multi-Frequency technology with 49 frequencies from 4 to 45kHz.
    SKU: D22FMF
  • XP 11" FMF Search Coil (DEUS II)

    Cover more ground with your DEUS II and find more treasures, even in hunted out spots. Includes lower stem and coil hardware. 49 Frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz.
    SKU: D28FMF
  • Kellyco Red Elite Bag Bundle

    A full setup to get you out hunting with all your gear including the new StuLine shovel by Kellyco. Throw your detector in the Red Elite Bag and go hunt down some new finds.
  • StuLine Relic Recovery Bundle

    Get out and find some treasures with this StuLine shovel bundle. Sifter pouch, finds brush, Relic Rinse and more make collecting and cleaning your relics easier than ever.
  • Kellyco Accessory Bundle with Sifter Pouch

    Accessory bundle built around our high-quality sifter pouch made for relic collecting. Detector bag, magnifying glass, finds brush and more make this a perfect accessory kit to find more treasure.
  • Striker z60, StuLine Shovel and Red Elite Bag Bundle

    Take the Striker z60 out and find some treasures. Tough soils and gnarly roots won't get in your way with the StuLine shovel and you can throw everything in your Red Elite Bag when you are done detecting for the day. Also includes knee pads.
  • Kellyco Knee Pads

    Don't forget one of the most important pieces of detecting gear, your knee pads, on your next hunt. Your knees will thank you for these gel-padded, adjustable knee pads.
  • Kellyco Double Lens Magnifying Glass

    Get ready to see your finds up close and personal with this Kellyco magnifying glass. Equipped with two 3x lenses, you can use one on its own, or double them up for double the magnification power.
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