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  • Garrett AT Pro Summer Pro-Pointer Special

    Save over $60 with this bundle including a much needed AT Pro-Pointer pinpointer. Waterproof to 10ft, the AT Pro is ready to help you conquer any terrain including rivers, beaches and lakes.
    SKU: 1140464
  • Kellyco Gray Hat with Embroidered Red Logo

    Hunting in style was never so easy with this Kellyco hat in gray with red embroidery. Mesh backed for breathability.
  • Garrett ACE 400 Summer Pro-Pointer Special

    Save over $60 with this bundle that includes a much needed detecting accessory - you're pinpointer! The ACE 400 + Garrett's "Carrot" or AT Pro-Pointer are a great starting place for getting into detecting and digging deep into history.
    SKU: 1141264
  • Minelab Manticore Metal Detector - Pre-Order Reservation

    The latest Minelab detector is here, packed with Multi-IQ+ and 2D ID Map for even better target identification before your shovel even hits the dirt. Take Manticore up to 16ft in the water.
  • XP Deus II WS6 Master Metal Detector with 11" Search Coil

    An XP Deus II that just might not break the bank, this WS6 Master has wireless control pod
    and a fully waterproof coil. With 6 frequencies that operate simultaneously, you can find more treasure than before and miss some of the trash.
  • XP 9" FMF Search Coil (DEUS II)

    Add this 9" coil to your XP DEUS Ii, and fit in tighter spots and you may just skip over some of that trash. Fast Multi-Frequency technology with 49 frequencies from 4 to 45kHz.
    SKU: D22FMF
  • XP 11" FMF Search Coil (DEUS II)

    Cover more ground with your DEUS II and find more treasures, even in hunted out spots. Includes lower stem and coil hardware. 49 Frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz.
    SKU: D28FMF
  • Kellyco Red Elite Metal Detector Bag

    You've invested in your metal detector. Now, invest in a high-quality bag to keep your detector safe from bumps, scrapes and the elements.
  • Kellyco Knee Pads

    Don't forget one of the most important pieces of detecting gear, your knee pads, on your next hunt. Your knees will thank you for these gel-padded, adjustable knee pads.
  • Kellyco Double Lens Magnifying Glass

    Get ready to see your finds up close and personal with this Kellyco magnifying glass. Equipped with two 3x lenses, you can use one on its own, or double them up for double the magnification power.
  • StuLine Signature Series 36" T-Handle Shovel by Kellyco

    Get ready to dig deeper, faster and easier with the StuLine Signature Series Shovel. A larger spade combined with a wider t-handle grip gives you more ease digging up treasure.
    SKU: 64-SSS0001
  • XP Bone Conduction Headphones for Deus II

    Get ready to go underwater with your Deus II and these bone conduction headphones. Sending vibrations straight to your cheekbones and then on to your ear bones, these allow you to dive while keeping your ears free and still hearing those signals.
  • XP Deus Metal Detector with 9" X35 Coil



    Get ready to enter the world of wireless detecting with the XP Deus. No more coil cable to wind and twist around during setup or worry about chopping while you are cutting a plug.
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