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  • Quest Waterproof Headphones

    Pro rated, you get great comfort and clear acoustic signals from your machine when using these adjustable Quest waterproof headphones.
    SKU: 1703.2001
  • Quest 9" x 5.5" BladeS Search Coil

    9" x 5.5" BladeS coil for Quest detectors, premium coil technology and small enough to easily access and navigate tiny spaces.
    SKU: 1703.6001
  • Quest 11" x 9" RaptorS Search Coil

    11" x 9" RaptorS coil for Quest detectors. Strikes a balance between large & small coils - combining their features to deliver top results.
    SKU: 1703.6002
  • Quest 5" x 5" BoltS Search Coil

    Premium 5" x 5" coil from BoltS for Quest detectors. Lightweight and handy for maneuvering in small spaces.
    SKU: 1703.6003
  • Quest 9" x 5.5" Blade Search Coil

    Quest 9" x 5.5" Blade TurboD coil is water resistant and easily searches small spaces for better target seperation.
    SKU: 1705.1001
  • Quest 11" x 9 " Raptor Search Coil

    The 11" x 9" Raptor coil for your Quest detector is perfect for a little extra depth and target seperation.
    SKU: 1705.1002
  • Grave Digger Tools 18" Snubnose Black T-Handle Shovel

    Snubnosed with a short 18" T-handle, this shovel digs as viciously as it looks. Tough, durable, powder coated and heat-treated blade.
    SKU: snubblk18
  • Quest Xpointer Max Pinpointer

    Get ready to find more treasure with Quest's newest pinpointer featuring lost alarm, LED indicators, and manual and auto ground balance.
    SKU: 2104.101
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