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  • Quest Waterproof Headphones

    Pro rated, you get great comfort and clear acoustic signals from your machine when using these adjustable Quest waterproof headphones.
    SKU: 1703.2001
  • Quest Q40 Pack Metal Detector

    The Quest Q40 pack detector features an intuitive LCD display, 11 x 9" TurboD waterproof coil, strong Li Po battery and more.
    SKU: 1705.122
  • Quest Scoopal

    Indispensable for beach detection, this Quest scoopal digs into identified treasure area, filters out sand and reveals your treasure.
    SKU: 1607.101
  • Quest WTX 2.4G Audio Transmitter

    The WTX 2.4G Audio Transmitter from Quest with a very long lasting battery (24 hrs+) and splash proof design for use anywhere.
    SKU: 1703.1000
  • Quest Wireless HD Headphones

    Soft cushions to pad your ear, high definition audio created through a receiver/transmitter pair, all in the premium Quest HD headphones.
    SKU: 1703.3
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