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  • Quest Wireless HE Headphones for Equinox

    These Quest wireless headphones are equipped with 24-hour battery life to keep you plugged in while you are detecting. These have Bluetooth HE technology to maintain full signal from your detector to your ears.
    SKU: 1803.1000
  • Quest Q30 Waterproof Metal Detector

    The new, IP68 5m waterproof Quest Q30 detector with VLF tech, has smartphone compatibility, 11" x 9" coil, adjustable handle and much more.
    SKU: 1903.101
  • Quest Scoopal

    Indispensable for beach detection, this Quest scoopal digs into identified treasure area, filters out sand and reveals your treasure.
    SKU: 1607.101
  • Quest Travel Rod Set for the Scoopal

    Quest 2-part travel rod set for your scoopal sand scoop. You will enjoy its non-slip grip, lightweight form, & easy-to-assemble structure.
    SKU: 1607.102
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