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  • Nokta Makro Armrest (Invenio)

    Get more comfort extra support with the Nokta Makro Armrest for Invenio metal detectors. Now your legs will get tired before your arms do!
    SKU: 17000683
  • Nokta Makro 12V 7A AC Charger (Invenio)

    Stay charged with the Nokta Makro 12V 7A AC Charger. This charger is only compatible with the Invenio model of metal detectors.
    SKU: 17000412
  • Nokta Makro Car Charger (Invenio)

    Power up on the go with the handy Nokta Makro Car Charger for Invenio metal detectors. Use it for a full charge or to top off your battery.
    SKU: 17000530
  • Nokta Makro Bungee Cord (Invenio)

    The Nokta Makro Bungee Cord for Invenio metal detectors reduces weight on your arm while also securing the detector. Durable and affordable.
    SKU: 17000325
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