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  • Fisher 7" Search Coil (F11 / F22 / F44)

    Looking to balance depth, performance and maneuverability? This Waterproof 7" Fisher coil's got you covered. Fits Fisher F11, F22 & F44.
  • Fisher 11" Teardrop Search Coil (F11 / F22 / F44)

    Search even deeper with this waterproof, electrostatically shielded Fisher 11" Teardrop coil for the Fisher F11, F22, & F44 detector models.
    SKU: 11COIL-EE
  • Fisher Adjustable Arm Strap

    Widely adjustable velcro arm strap for easy hold. Takes the stress of constant swinging off your arm and allows for longer treasure hunting.
  • Fisher Rain And Dust Cover (F22 / F44)

    Rain and dust cover for the Fisher F22 & F44 detector models. Equipped with transparent panels that let you conveniently view readings.
    SKU: COV-F44
  • Fisher Padded Carry Bag

    Roomy and well padded, it protects your detector from shocks and weather elements while helping with easy carry. Has small pockets for treasures.
    SKU: 103693000C
  • Fisher Stereo Headphones

    To help you hear those faint signals from old, deeply buried treasures, you need these ergonomic Fisher Stereo Headphones designed for comfortable wear.
    SKU: 9720950000
  • Fisher Deluxe Stereo Headphones

    When you want to go beyond ordinary, you use these Fisher Deluxe Stereo headphones built with acoustic ear cup design for best results.
    SKU: 9720971000
  • Fisher Hard Carry Case (34 x 6 x 11")

    Fisher hard carry case with 3 front fasteners, 4 rear hinges, protects and secures Fisher 1280X, CZ-20 and Impulse Metal Detectors.
  • Fisher Camouflage Backpack

    Military themed Fisher camouflage backpack. Has padded inner & shoulder straps; water bottle mesh, roomy interior and a strong tactical design.
    SKU: fcbackpack
  • Fisher 20" Replacement Lower Rod

    General purpose Fisher 20" lower rod for use a replacement or as extra rod for another coil. Fits all Fisher models except the CZ-21 and 1280x.
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