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  • Fisher Padded Carry Bag

    Roomy and well padded, it protects your detector from shocks and weather elements while helping with easy carry. Has small pockets for treasures.
    SKU: 103693000C
  • Fisher Stereo Headphones

    To help you hear those faint signals from old, deeply buried treasures, you need these ergonomic Fisher Stereo Headphones designed for comfortable wear.
    SKU: 9720950000
  • Fisher Deluxe Stereo Headphones

    When you want to go beyond ordinary, you use these Fisher Deluxe Stereo headphones built with acoustic ear cup design for best results.
    SKU: 9720971000
  • Fisher 11" DD F-Series Search Coil (F11 / F22 / F44)

    The Fisher 11" DD coil for F-Series machines - waterproof, electrostatically shielded and proves it worth with F11, F22 and F44 detectors.
  • Fisher Khaki Baseball Cap

    Tough khaki material branded with the popular Fisher logo embroidered. Style, yet full protection for your head while detecting outdoors.
  • Fisher Hard Carry Case (34 x 6 x 11")

    Fisher hard carry case with 3 front fasteners, 4 rear hinges, protects and secures Fisher 1280X, CZ-20 and Impulse Metal Detectors.
  • Fisher 9" Teardrop Coil (F11 / F22 / F44)

    Waterproof, electrostatically shielded Fisher 9" Teardrop coil for the F11, F22, & F44 . Unearths deep treasures missed by smaller coils.
  • Fisher 7" Search Coil (F11 / F22 / F44)

    Looking to balance depth, performance and maneuverability? This Waterproof 7" Fisher coil's got you covered. Fits Fisher F11, F22 & F44.
  • Fisher 11" Teardrop Search Coil (F11 / F22 / F44)

    Search even deeper with this waterproof, electrostatically shielded Fisher 11" Teardrop coil for the Fisher F11, F22, & F44 detector models.
    SKU: 11COIL-EE
  • Fisher Adjustable Arm Strap

    Widely adjustable velcro arm strap for easy hold. Takes the stress of constant swinging off your arm and allows for longer treasure hunting.
  • Fisher 20" Replacement Lower Rod

    General purpose Fisher 20" lower rod for use a replacement or as extra rod for another coil. Fits all Fisher models except the CZ-21 and 1280x.
  • Fisher Rain And Dust Cover (F22 / F44)

    Rain and dust cover for the Fisher F22 & F44 detector models. Equipped with transparent panels that let you conveniently view readings.
    SKU: COV-F44
  • Fisher Galvanized Sand Scoop

    Get ready to get on the beach and start sifting for treasures. This galvanized sand scoop from Fisher will let your precious jewelry or ring stay in your basket while all the sand slips through the filter-holes.
  • Fisher Camouflage Backpack

    Military themed Fisher camouflage backpack. Has padded inner & shoulder straps; water bottle mesh, roomy interior and a strong tactical design.
    SKU: fcbackpack
  • Garrett ACE Apex Metal Detector, Two Search Coils Ripper & Raider, Headphones & Sand Scoop Beach Bundle

    This Garrett ACE Apex is equipped with the 8.5" x 11" submersible Raider Search Coil and the Ripper coil for even more flexibility. Multi-Salt and multi-frequency settings allow you to find even more treasure.
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