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  • Fisher 8" Open Coil Cover (All Models)

    Versatile, sensitivity-enhancing cover that protects all 8" Fisher models (except 1212 & F2) from damage. Prevents cuts, abrasions, etc.
    SKU: 8COVER-1270
  • Fisher 10.5" Coil Cover

    Fisher 10.5" coils deliver durability and the best hunting experiences for years when protected with this high-strength, specially engineered cover.
    SKU: 2033070000
  • Fisher 5" Search Coil (CZ-3D)

    Detect coins, jewelry and other small treasures with this enhanced 5" Fisher coil. Waterproof for reliability, it handles well in small spaces too.
    SKU: 5COIL-7-CZ3
  • Fisher F75 Gold Bundle

    The relic wishlist bundle has arrived complete with Fisher F75 and Grave Digger Tools shovel as well as a host of other Kellyco accessories including finds brush and pouch.
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