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  • Apex Picks Badger 18" Handle 3 Magnets

    Apex Picks badger with a smart tri-magnet system that helps tell the difference between precious/non-precious metals when digging.
    SKU: GC1035-6-18-3M
  • Apex Picks Talon 30" Handle 3 Magnets

    Tailor made for the serious prospector, Apex Picks Talon has a 30" hickory handle and 3 magnets.
    SKU: GC1245-6-30-3M
  • Fisher 10" Gold Pan

    For gold panning, spotting, black sand extraction, etc, you need this Fisher 10" pan. Its color contrast ensures you don't miss even the tiniest grains.
    SKU: 12-10goldpan no reorder
  • Fisher 12" Classifier

    Multipurpose Fisher 12" classifier - filters out sand and lets you see particulate gold/precious metals. Also sorts your finds by size.
    SKU: 12-classifier
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