Treasure Finds: Kellyco VIP Matt Ryan Uses the Simplex

Hello everyone!

The name is Matt Ryan. I run the Youtube channel Tennessee Adventures and am part of the Kellyco VIP team. 

I was out with my Nokta Simplex the other day when I got a really good signal ringing up lower than a penny. I had the Nokta | Makro Simplex+ in field mode and the sensitivity was set to halfway. I prefer to use field mode because it seems a lot deeper than the other modes to me and I prefer the tones on it way better.

I picked that particular park because the trees were really old. That’s usually something that I pay attention to. 

After I cut the plug and used my pinpointer to locate the coin, I realized I had dug up an old coin. 

Completely shocked, I looked at the coin and realized I found an 1863 Civil War era Indian Head Penny. 

It’s the oldest coin that I have ever found. Watch the video to learn more!