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Test Team Spotlight: Quarter Hoarder


Kellyco is proud to showcase our official “Test Team” members in this new spotlight series. You can expect to see everything from tips and tricks, to witnessing the excitement as these detectorists unearth history’s lost treasures. If you like what you see don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow.


This week’s Featured Test Team member is Jason Bozzuffi, otherwise known as “Quarter Hoarder.” Jason has been metal detecting for about seven years and says that each hunt is just as exciting as the first day he started.

Jason Metal Detecting

Jason Metal Detecting

“The thrill of hearing that perfect signal and unearthing something that hasn’t been touched in hundreds of years is a feeling that just can’t be described in words,” said Bozzuffi. “I try to capture the experience on my YouTube channel each and every week.”

Jason and his crew metal detecting everything from 1700s colonial mansions to 1940s bungalows, as well as farms, fields, pastures and woods. He’s found coins from

before the United States was a country, along with objects your grandmother would have used every day.

“I try to bring new places and fun faces to each and every video, and of course show all the cool treasures along the way,” Jason said. “That’s the beauty of this hobby, you just never know what you’ll dig up next!”

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About The Author
Mark Tymensky
Mark Tymensky brings 11 years of diverse experience in the metal detecting industry to Kellyco. Be it the tale of the hunt, the thrill of someone’s first find or the gathering of treasure hunters as a community; his mission (as instilled by Kellyco founder Stu Auerbach) is always to tell the story of the hobby. Mark is extremely passionate about the recovery and preservation of history and growing the hobby for all ages.