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Test Team Spotlight: Little Dirt Diggers


Kellyco is proud to showcase our official “Test Team” members in this new spotlight series. You can expect to see everything from tips and tricks, to witnessing the excitement as these detectorists unearth history’s lost treasures. If you like what you see don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow.

This week’s Featured Test Team member is Emily Copeland, otherwise known as Little Dirt Diggers.

Emily Copeland - Featured Test Team Member

Emily Copeland – Featured Test Team Member

Emily takes you on exciting adventures through Georgia’s Civil War encampments and old home sites. When she’s not detecting you can find her magnet fishing, panning for gold, and catching a few bass every now and then.

Emily displays her finds at relic shows in North Georgia and Tennessee, and loves to talk with other kids and invite them to join the hobby.

At only 9 years old, Emily gives a different perspective on metal detecting. With her contagious laugh and excitement you’ll get just as excited as she does to see what she’s about to dig up.

Don’t think she’s a newbie though; she is a 5-year detecting veteran. She was gifted a Garrett ACE 250 for Christmas at just four years old. Emily is now swinging a Garrett AT Max and a Nokta Makro Simplex+.

Little Dirt Diggers’ Recommended Gear


AT Max Metal Detector

The AT Max Metal Detector and Accessories

The Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector is one of most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF metal detectors on the market today.

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Nokta Makro Simplex and AccessoriesNokta Makro Simplex+

The Nokta Makro Simplex Metal Detector is an easy-to-use, budget-friendly metal detector that performs just like high-end detectors.

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Digging Tools

Black Grave Digger Tools Nemesis ShovelGrave Digger Tools Nemesis Shovel

This laser-cut, hand-welded, Vulcan Black Nemesis shovel is powder-coated and heat-treated. These blades are CNC machine-sharpened, so use caution while you’re using it.

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Black Grave Digger Tools Sidekick TrowelGrave Digger Tools Sidekick

This laser-cut, hand-welded shovel is powder-coated and heat-treated. It’s a total 12″ long with a 7″ long blade, which measures 2 inches across.

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Other Accessories

Garrett Gold Panning KitGarrett Gold Trap Gold Panning Kit

All Garrett metal detector gold pans are lightweight, green in color for enhanced gold nugget visibility, and virtually indestructible. Garrett’s patented 90° riffles can help you find gold faster and more efficiently.

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Brute Magnetics 880 pound fishing magnetic

Brute Magnetics 880 pound Bundle

This fishing magnet is strong enough to lift countless loads that people might come across while in the field. There is also a rope that measures 65 feet in length.

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Mark Tymensky brings 11 years of diverse experience in the metal detecting industry to Kellyco. Be it the tale of the hunt, the thrill of someone’s first find or the gathering of treasure hunters as a community; his mission (as instilled by Kellyco founder Stu Auerbach) is always to tell the story of the hobby. Mark is extremely passionate about the recovery and preservation of history and growing the hobby for all ages.