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New Technology Feature: Fisher Impulse AQ


Written by Corey Hoff, Chief Revenue Officer at First Texas Products

Fisher Research Labs is excited to share that we continue to build on our legacy in detecting by bringing you new technology in 2022. A pulse induction metal detector with iron discrimination and target ID, no such thing, right? That was the case before the Impulse AQ from Fisher Research Labs. 

With the Impulse AQ, hunters can enjoy all of the benefits of a pulse induction metal detector (extreme depth, ability to operate in mineralized conditions). What makes the Impulse AQ different? Unlike all other pulse induction units, the Impulse AQ has actual target discrimination and target ID. The Impulse AQ uses ZTS (Zero Target Separation) technology to eliminate the need for recovery speed. Instead of separating good and bad targets, the Impulse AQ sees through iron and detects the good targets next to, in, and under the iron. 

Beach hunters can hunt in All Metal, Tone, Mute, and Volcanic Sand modes. In Tone mode, the Impulse AQ will give different tones for different metal types. The Mute mode will discriminate against ferrous targets. And unlike other metal detectors, the loss of sensitivity and depth is minimal when hunting in Tone or Mute modes compared to All Metal mode. The Impulse AQ is waterproof to 10 feet with submersible headphones. It has a rechargeable/removable battery and comes stock with a 12-inch coil, with a 10-inch accessory coil also available.

Although certainly capable of finding coins and silver jewelry, the Impulse AQ’s actual intention is to find the deep gold targets missed by other metal detectors. We are incredibly excited about the Impulse AQ and its groundbreaking technology and look forward to adopting it for the gold prospecting and relic hunting markets.

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Jenna is new to the metal detecting community. Although new to the hobby, her passion for exploring and outdoor adventure has been a lifelong interest.