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Man Finds Dad’s Missing Wedding Ring After 20 Years


By Marshall Stephens, Kellyco Metal Detectors

Twenty years ago, Glenn’s father lost his wedding ring in a field in central Virginia, just west of Richmond. Glenn’s parents, Dennis and Eleanor, who have been married since 1967, were sure they’d never see the wedding ring again.

Dennis and Eleanor were elated to see the ring again.

Dennis and Eleanor were elated to see the ring again.

Earlier this month, Glenn — who had never swung a detector before — called us to ask for advice on finding the ring. After working with Shelby, a member of Kellyco’s customer experience team, Glenn ordered a Minelab Equinox 600 metal detector and Minelab Pro-Find 35 pinpointer and set out to find the ring.

“I recommended the Equinox 600 because of the multi-frequency technology,” Shelby remembers. “I told him how it works and told him I would say a prayer in hopes that he would find the ring before Christmas.”

Well, Glenn wrote us earlier this week to let us know that he found his dad’s ring!

“With only two weeks experience searching a large field, it seemed like a long shot for retrieving a gold ring that had been lost for 20 years,” Glenn said. “I had almost given up, as it was cold and almost dark.”

Glenn said the field, which is next to an 1800s farmhouse, is full of old metal objects. He spent more than 20 hours searching for the ring over a four day period.

Glenn and his dad with the missing ring.

Dennis shows off the missing ring while Glenn looks on with the Equinox 600.

“On the very last sweep of the evening, I heard a signal that was verified by the Pro-Find 35,” Glenn told us. “After a short dig, I found the ring, and was almost in disbelief.”

The ring was buried about 1.5 inches deep in the Virginia soil.

“Thanks again for help choosing the right product and the prayer,” Glenn wrote Shelby. “I remember you telling me you thought I was going to find it.”

When word of the find made it back to the Kellyco showroom, there was a lot of excitement.

“I’m so happy,” Shelby said. “I had tears reading the message.”

As for Glenn? He said he’s hooked on metal detecting now.

From everyone at Kellyco Metal Detectors, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Remember, Treasure Awaits!

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Carolyn Yohannes
Stomping in the woods and at old home sites is where you can find Carolyn on her days off. She loves finding relics and pieces of the past. Her go-to machine is the Minelab CTX 3030 and the Garrett AT Max as a backup. She would detect everyday if she could because she loves the hobby!