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Kellyco Metal Detectors’ Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics


Metal detecting is a hobby that combines outdoor adventure with archeology, and even a little bit of environmentalism. It’s important that we are respectful of our surroundings and other people as we detect. Make sure you know the rules about keeping what you find if it’s of historical value, and always clean up after yourself.

We are the ambassadors of a hobby we want to protect, and we’ll be judged by how we collectively act and respond. Kellyco recommends the following 10 rules when you’re out exploring.

  1. I will leave gates as found.
  2. I will not contaminate wells, creeks, or other water supplies.
  3. I will fill all excavations that are made while treasure hunting.
  4. I will not tamper with signs, structural facilities or equipment.
  5. I will use thoughtfulness, consideration and courtesy at all times.
  6. I will protect my hobby, and always act as a goodwill ambassador.
  7. I will respect private property and will not treasure hunt without the owner’s permission.
  8. I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, and private property.
  9. I will not litter and will pick up any trash that I dig up or find on the ground while treasure hunting.
  10. I will not destroy private property, buildings, or what is left of ghost towns and deserted structures.
About The Author
Carolyn Yohannes
Stomping in the woods and at old home sites is where you can find Carolyn on her days off. She loves finding relics and pieces of the past. Her go-to machine is the Minelab CTX 3030 and the Garrett AT Max as a backup. She would detect everyday if she could because she loves the hobby!