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The 2019 Kellyco Metal Detectors Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for the detectorist in your life? Are you the detectorist in your own life? (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a little something this holiday season!) Whoever it is you’re shopping for, you won’t go wrong with these picks. 

We made a list (and we checked it twice!) of some exciting gifts that we think any metal detecting enthusiast will love. These gifts will make your metal detecting a little easier, a little more fun and a lot more successful. Check out our recommendations for the best metal detectors, some fun gift ideas, and the deals we’ve got going on!

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Great Detectors to Consider

Kellyco’s Newest Arrivals

We’re proud to introduce our newest brands and metal detectors!

 The Best Metal Detectors for the Beach and Underwater

We’re turning ho-ho-ho into yo-ho-ho with these beach-centric metal detectors! When you think of metal detecting at the beach, you think of sunken ships and buried treasure. But there’s more to it than that — people lose all kinds of things at the beach, and, of course, things constantly wash up on the shore, too. Check out these Kellyco picks for the best underwater and beach metal detectors and accessories:

The Best Metal Detectors for Beginners and Kids

Beginners young and old — naughty and nice — can start out on these metal detectors and have a successful experience. Kids as young as four can enjoy metal detecting! These detectors are lightweight, affordable and easy to use. 

The Best Pinpointers

A pinpointer is simply a handheld detector. Pinpointers can be used anywhere and are designed to laser in on your target. Once you’ve detected your target with a traditional metal detector, use the pinpointer to find out exactly where your treasure is! It can save you a lot of time and hassle. This is the perfect gift for the serious detectorist. 

The Best Metal Detectors for Finding Gold

Panning for gold or using a pickaxe for hours on end isn’t necessary anymore if you use a metal detector! Detectors made specifically for gold hunting make the hunt a whole lot easier, and Kellyco has plenty to choose from. Dig up some glitter this holiday season!  

The Best Metal Detectors for Coins, Rings and Jewelry

Coins and rings and jewelry, oh my! It’s every detectorist’s dream to hear that magical tone — a joyful noise full of good cheer — letting you know you’ve found a coin or piece of valuable jewelry. These detectors will get you there. 

Read our Complete Guide to the Best Metal Detectors of 2019 for more selections, or our Complete Guide to Gold Prospecting!

Shop for Everybody on Your List — Naughty or Nice!

This list includes accessories, gadgets and lots of other things that will make your day flow smoother while you’re out detecting. 

MicroMini 20x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

Kellyco Microscope with LED light

This extremely lightweight, compact and portable microscope with LED light features 20x magnification. It has a smooth focusing knob that allows you to view the finest details of the treasures you dig up. 

130-Piece Dry Bag First Aid & Survival Kit

Kellyco First Aid Survival Kit

Packed with 130 useful and valuable hospital grade medical supplies and survival tools, the Dry Bag First Aid and Survival Kit is ideal for home, business or adventure. Crafted from durable waterproof fabric, it holds up indoors and outdoors. The lightweight, compact first aid kit still holds everything you need for unexpected events while detecting

23-Mile 2-Way Radios, 2 pk

Kellyco Cobra Walkie Talkies

The 23-Mile 2-Way Radios, 2 pk, from Cobra Electronics helps you stay in contact with other members of your detecting party. It features 5 selectable call tones to distinguish between different parties on incoming calls. A total of 2,662 channels are available for the utmost privacy. 

330-Lumen Spot & Flood COB Headlamp

Kellyco Life Gear Headlamp

The Life+Gear 330 Lumen Spot and Flood COB Headlamp has multiple beam type modes that you’ll find very convenient. Plus this light is loaded with other features like color modes and the red solid and flashing LED on the back of the headband. Another unique safety feature is the emergency safety whistle on the headband. 

Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

Kellyco Tough Tested Solar Power Bank

For ultimate power while you’re out in the field, choose this ToughTested 16,000mAh Solar Power Bank with Flashlight! When fully charged, it will charge the average smartphone 4 to 6 times. This solar power bank is ready for any adventure in any weather because it is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof! Dual USB outputs use InstaSense technology to ensure each connected device is charged at its factory rate. The built-in LED flashlight is quite bright and even has strobe and SOS functions should you need them. And the solar panel itself is efficient. It allows for emergency charging when all you have is sunlight. 

120-Lumen Stormproof USB Crank Flashlight & Radio

Kellyco Life Gear Crank Radio and Flashlight

Never get stuck in the dark while you detect again! The Stormproof USB Crank Flashlight and Radio provides light, radio and siren. With the included rechargeable battery, 1 minute of crank power will provide 10 minutes of light or radio. The built-in USB cable allows a 2-hour quick charge for convenient everyday use. Great for detecting, camping, hunting or any emergency situation. For emergencies, crank power and the USB output will charge a phone.

Kellyco Embroidered Hat

Kellyco Metal Detectors Hat

Show your love and pride for Kellyco with our custom logo hat! The mesh-backed, one-size-fits-all hat in Kellyco red features the K-man logo on the front. 

Kellyco Nalgene Wide Mouth 32oz Water Bottle

Kellyco Metal Detectors Water Bottle

Stay hydrated out in the field with this Kellyco Nalgene water bottle. This bottle is built to withstand all the bumps, dings and drops that happen while you’re out detecting while remaining leak free. This is the perfect add on to your metal detecting adventure!

Hearing Headphones with Bluetooth

Hearing Headphones with Bluetooth

The Lucid Audio Hearing Headphones with Bluetooth use AMPED technology to amplify outside sounds up to 9 times! Recessed individual volume knobs let you precisely adjust the amount of ambient sound reaching each ear. The headphones also have sound activated compression to protect you from loud harmful noises. These are great for detecting and allow you to hear every tone emitted by your detector. Don’t miss a thing!

Kellyco Finds Log

Kellyco Metal Detectors Finds Log

Jot down your favorite locations and keep a log of your favorite metal detecting finds with this Kellyco Finds Log. This sturdy notebook has pages that are made from natural stone. You read it right! Stone! On top of being extremely resilient and functional, this paper is waterproof, tear resistant and won’t smudge. 

F24 Brushless Foldable Quadcopter Drone

Kellyco Contixo Drone

The Contixo F24 Brushless Foldable Quadcopter Drone is one of the best in its class, allowing you to scout your detecting locations before you head out into the field. Featuring upgraded WiFi technology, brushless motor technology and a longer-lasting and intelligent battery, this drone can go where others can’t. It can fly for up to 30 minutes on the high-capacity 2,500 mAh battery.

And Now for the Best Part… Deals, Deals, Deals!

From now until Nov. 28, you can get a head start on shopping for your favorite metal detecting enthusiast. If that person is you, treat yourself!

Our Kellyco 64th Anniversary Detectors Bundle is now available for just $64.

Kellyco 64th Anniversary Detectorists Bundle

This bundle includes:

  • Wilcox shovel: This 12”x2” trowel allows you to dig through the rockiest soil
  • Vulcan 360 pinpointer: A powerful and super sensitive pinpointer to help you hone in on your target
  • Eagle headphones: Designed, tested and approved for all top-of-the-line metal detectors
  • Kellyco Camo Trailblazer bag: Perfect for storing your accessories and, finds log and treasures!

Other deals include: 

  • Free Kellyco hat on orders over $250
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $500 (plus a free Kellyco hat!)

Check back here often for more deals, or become a Treasure Tribe member to be the first to find out!

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