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Holiday 2020 Shipping Timelines and Delays


This holiday shopping season is anticipated to be the busiest ever. Increases in online sales started back in March and April, and haven’t slowed down. Kellyco is doing everything we can to prepare our team and our warehouse for a huge influx of orders between October and December 2020.

We will continue to get your orders ready within 24 hours from the time of your purchase; if it is ordered by 5:00PM EST, your order will be ready to ship same-day. Package pickups are dependent upon the courier. The transit times, order deadlines, and arrival dates quoted in our Kellyco catalog or online are based on information provided by the courier and are dependent on the courier. We recommend getting started on your holiday shopping as soon as possible to avoid any delays or Christmas day disasters.

“Runyan said waiting too long to get shopping is not a good idea this holiday season.  Start planning now and shopping sometime in the coming weeks.”WNEP

“Rising ecommerce package volume and Covid-19 have combined to cause problems for all small-package carriers. And don’t expect everything to be resolved by December. Rather, ecommerce deliveries will likely remain relatively slow throughout the holiday season.” – Practical Ecommerce

“Because of COVID-19’s impact on some shipping times, sending and receiving packages might inevitably be delayed this year, which means early holiday shopping will be crucial.”AOL

Be on the look out for our upcoming October offers, shop the Kellyco catalog, or browse the website to get your holiday shopping started today!





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