8 Metal Detecting Must-Have Tools

If you are an avid detectorist, you probably want to hunt everywhere you go! You also probably know that having the right tools along with your metal detector is crucial to making your hunting easy and exciting. If you are new to detecting, you will want to consider filling your tool box with the following metal detecting accessories.

1. Headphones

Using headphones while you are hunting will help ensure that you are not missing any alerts due to background or ambient noise. They help cancel out sounds around you, making it easy to hear even the quietest of tones. They also provide you with some privacy – most detectorists don’t like for other people to hear when they find an item.

2. Pinpointer

You must have a pinpointer! Your metal detector will provide you with a general idea of where the target is but a pinpointer will let you know exactly where it is with tone and vibration that increases as you get nearer to it. It will save you valuable time but cutting down how long it takes to dig and find targets and fill in holes. Check out Kellyco’s guide to pinpointers here.

3. Trowel or Digger

Having the right type of digging tool for the kind of ground you are going to be digging in is essential. Choose one that makes it easy for you to dig deep holes with the smallest diameter necessary to remove your targets. That way filling in holes is easy and you’ll leave the site looking as though you were never there – a cardinal rule for detectorists.

4. Shovel

Sometimes you will need a bigger tool for digging, especially when you are digging relics that are buried deeply. You can use a regular garden shovel or one that is serrated along the edges that is made specifically for metal detectorists. Remember, you have to fill in the holes you dig, so use a larger shovel with care and consideration.

5. Pouch or Bag

You have to have something to put all your finds in. Many detectorists have a favorite pouch or bag that they use for their treasures. You certainly don’t want that rare coin you found to fall out of your pocket for the next detectorist to find.

6. Sand Scoop

If you are going to hunt on the beach or in other sandy areas you need to have a sand scoop. It’s basically like a ladle with holes in it, allowing you to dig and sift through the sand to locate your item.

7. Bag for Your Detector

While this may not seem like a necessity, especially if you don’t travel far to hunt, it will make it easier to keep all of your gear together. Additionally, a metal detector case will protect your device when you’re not using it.

8. Rechargeable Batteries

There is nothing worse than finding yourself in the middle of a great hunt and running out of batteries. Make sure that you have rechargeable batteries – it will save you money – that are charged and ready to go.

There are a lot of other accessories that you may find helpful as you get going with your detecting hobby, and you certainly don’t have to get all of them at once. You will learn which tools work for you as you go.