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65 Years of Rich History at Kellyco Metal Detectors

Stu Auerbach, Founder Of Kellyco Metal Detectors

Stu Auerbach, Founder Of Kellyco Metal Detectors

2020 marks the 65th anniversary of Kellyco Metal Detectors. For over half a century, Kellyco has worked diligently to develop and retain our role as the premiere destination for metal detectors, helping hobbyists and professional detectorists uncover their own adventure.

Kellyco’s roots date back to 1955, when American entrepreneur and veteran, Stu Auerbach, founded Kellyco Metal Detectors outside of Miami, Florida after a bulk purchase of surplus military mine detectors. In the six decades to follow, the company experienced sustainable growth, expansion and cosmetic changes.

In the 1960s, Mel Fisher was using a military mine detector and discovered what became known at the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet off the Atlantic Coast of Florida. This discovery captures the imaginations of people across the country, and Stu was lucky enough to be in the center of it all.

In 1969, Stu wanted to get a metal detector in the hands of all those ready to uncover treasure, and he mailed out Kellyco’s first paper catalog. It was full of metal detectors, accessories, treasure hunting books, and tips on how to find your very own treasure. In just a few short years, Kellyco catalogs were being mailed to a million people per year.

Stu Auerbach And Friends At A Field Event.

Stu Auerbach And Friends At A Field Event.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Kellyco Metal Detectors Test Team was assembled, bringing knowledge and expertise to the metal detecting industry never known before. They would test and review all the new metal detectors coming to market, passing that knowledge to Kellyco’s expert sales team. Kellyco quickly became known as the knowledge keepers of all things metal detectors, building trust and credibility with their customers.

After the turn of the millennium, Stu turned his attention online and built a new website at Taking what he learned from the success of the catalog, he brought Kellyco’s shelves to all fifty states. This move catapulted Kellyco into becoming the world’s largest supplier of metal detectors direct to customers. And to this day, we have the largest selection of metal detectors and accessories available in America.

In August of 2017, Stu Auerbach passed away with his family by his side. His charisma, intelligence, and gumption still lead the lead at Kellyco Metal Detectors. His legacy guides the decisions our current president, Jeremy Floyd, makes daily. Stu’s son, David Auerbach, still remains involved in the company, passing along knowledge and the passion of his father.

“It’s hard to believe that Kellyco is 65 years old,” says David Auerbach. “This company has been a central part of our family my whole life, and I’m really proud of what my father was able to achieve in the metal detecting industry. He played a major role in growing the hobby into what it is today.”

Our secret to success has always been the promise we make to our customers. Every day, our Customer Experience Team go above and beyond for our customers.

Kellyco Team Members In The Original Florida Location

Kellyco Team Members In The Original Florida Location

Through teamwork and dedication, Kellyco has delivered world-class customer service and the world’s largest selection of metal detectors and accessories, growing a company that was built 65 years ago. David Auerbach says that he’s “happy to see the company grow into the next generation of Kellyco with the current team. The legacy of a company is only as good as that of its people and I know my father would be proud that his legacy continues on in those who helm Kellyco today.”

As we look forward to our next 65 years of success, Kellyco Metal Detectors remains committed to our guiding principle: We are Stu-wards of the story. Your story.

Every Kellyco team member and customer should be proud of all that we have accomplished these 65 years, as well as all that we will accomplish in the future.


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