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Good Reasons to Own a Metal Detector


Everyone knows you don’t need an excuse to pick up an awesome hobby like metal detecting, but we decided to put together a list for those of you who are still on the fence.

1. Who doesn’t love a hobby that gives back? Metal detecting can actually pay for itself. You never know what you are going to find or how much your next find could be worth. All over the world, in your state, and in your backyard, there are treasures waiting to be found. A box of old coins buried for a rainy day and then forgotten. A diamond ring that slipped off and wasn’t found. Or an old relic left behind by a previous inhabitant. All of these and more could be waiting in your own backyard; but you’ll never know if you don’t grab your metal detector and get hunting!

2. Nothing banishes stress like the thrill of a great find.

Exciting Discoveries

Exciting Discoveries

Something about the rhythmic sweep of the detector over unearthed soil and the adrenaline rush that pours through your veins when you hear the alert tone of your detector makes the stress of the week melt away. Take your metal detector to the beach and listen to the waves as you make exciting discoveries and relax.

3. Need a little extra motivation to get you exercising? How about the joy of the unknown? Your metal detector will have you up and walking in no time. The smell of crisp, fresh air, walking across a trail or sports field, and digging up your finds are all great forms of exercise. Use an area guide to help you explore your state as trim your waistline and discover the unknown at the same time.

4. Whether it is their hobby or not, people always find metal detecting interesting. You will meet all kinds of people on your quest for buried treasures. Many will want to know your greatest find, give great insight into areas for you to search, or even offer fun stories of their own. Before you know it, you may have met some new friends!

5. Knowledge of the area is always helpful to a metal detectorist. Through your search, you may be inspired to read about your local area. Historical accounts and references may give you ideas of where to look for relics and older valuables. Find an old relic? Go to the library and look up its history. You may be surprised as you delve into the past.

6. Metal detecting can be a fun activity for the whole family. Go out all together to see what you can find. Join a metal detecting club to get together with other hobbyists or attend a planned treasure hunt. Many often have special hunts for kids. Whether you attend a planned event or just explore your own town, metal detecting can help your family discover treasures and more about the area you are searching.

7. Many who enjoy metal detecting have found themselves enjoying other hobbies as a result. Some are also dedicated coin collectors, and for good reason. A penny recently sold for $41,000! As you discover coins, make sure you look at them closely and reference a coin book or website. You may have found more than you think!

8. Vacation takes on a whole new meaning with your metal detector as you see areas closer to home in a whole new light. You might not even need to leave your home town. Spend the weekend searching the abandoned factory on the other side of town or the camp grounds an hour or two away. Get an Metal Detecting Guide that pertains to your state or search area to discover new search locations. Whether you decide to travel or stay put, you can still have a great vacation and use your metal detector in new areas to find the unexpected.

9. Everyone dreams of finding treasure or a rare valuable that others discarded. With your metal detector, you can make that dream a reality! Innumerable treasures lost or discarded by others have been found with a metal detector. Shows like Antique Road Show and Pawn Stars have shown that treasures come in all shapes and sizes. Old coins, lead soldiers, jewelry, and more may be a lost treasure. You might also find interesting items as you frequent antique shops and general stores as you estimate the worth of your finds.

10. Hunting clubs are popping up all over the country as Metal Detecting remains one of the fastest growing hobbies over the last 10 years.

Fastest Growing Hobby

Fastest Growing Hobby

Treasure Hunting Clubs and groups often welcome new members, and research new areas to search as a group. They meet together, travel to interesting search areas, and share their experience and knowledge. If you don’t have a club in your area, maybe you should start one of your own!

Added August 5, 2008
Submitted by Jack S. Miami FL.

11. You never get bored. It’s always exciting never knowing what you are going to find that day. It could be a handful of coins, maybe a piece of gold jewelry, or that beautiful diamond ring, or even a Gold Coin that my friend recentlyfound. Every time you go out with your metal detector, it’s different.

Added August 14, 2008
Submitted by Kellyco Staff.

12. Anyone can use any modern metal detector Kellyco sells. Most Metal Detectors are very automatic making them easy to tune and just as easy to use. People who buy Metal Detectors range in age from youngsters to people in their 70’s and 80’s; you’re never too young or too old.

13. Metal Detectors can operate easily on land, beaches, deserts, mountain tops, and even in shallow or deep water. No matter where you live and plan to use your metal detector, they can find “treasures” for you.

14. Today’s metal detectors are designed to be “smart”. Most can use sound to tell you the difference between a good find (coins, rings, etc.), or a junk find (iron, brass, lead, tin, etc.).

15. Most Metal Detectors with bright meters will show you what your find is and how deep it is before you dig it up. Some metal detectors are so “smart” they can show you the difference between coin finds by identifying them by coin size (dime), and/or by a circle showing (10 cents, 25 cents, or 50 cents, etc.).

16. Some Metal Detectors can show you the difference between 10, 14, 18, up to 22 karat gold rings and keep those finds in its memory, showing you when it duplicates those finds at the same time tuning out “trash”.

17. Many metal detectors can be easily set up to find only certain items, such as coins, coins and jewelry, gold, etc. while eliminating “junk” items. And it is as easy to do as tuning your TV with a remote control!

Metal Detectors Can Be Easily Set Up

Metal Detectors Can Be Easily Set Up

18. Mini Vacationing
(From a large company that keeps employees up to date on health & fitness issues)

If sky-High gas prices have you hot under the collar, consider a few ways to reduce your fuel bill, save lots of money and have a fun vacation.

Consider driving to nearby destinations, you’ll save on gas and avoid fuel surcharges added by many airlines.

Use alternate transportation. Use train & bus systems many communities offer. Then use your feet to get around. You’ll save on gas & get a better feel for the local area.

P.S. May we add that taking your metal detector with you on mini vacations can extend the fun and enjoyment of visiting new area and recovering old coins, jewelry, and other treasures. Visiting the local library can lead you to unexplored detecting areas that even locals might not be aware of.

Added March 25, 2008
Submitted by Richard.

19. Metal detecting is less expensive than golf, boating, skiing, fishing, hunting, trapping or just about any other activity that you can think of. Equipment is reasonably priced and lasts forever, if cared for. Most importantly, you don’t have to kill it, skin it, eat it or spend a fortune having it mounted, and yet you have “trophies” in your finds themselves to enjoy.

About The Author
Jenna is new to the metal detecting community. Although new to the hobby, her passion for exploring and outdoor adventure has been a lifelong interest.