One-On-One with Metal Detecting Expert: Using Your Metal Detector, Locating Treasure, & More!


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  • Dig Deeper Into Detecting Than Kellyco's Award Winning Customer Service

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  • Expert: Knoxville Showroom Manager, Chris Gardner
  • Credentials: Has been Metal Detecing his entire life, and more intensively the last 8 years
  • Format: Online Meeting via Zoom or In-Person at our Knoxville Showroom
  • Duration: 30 Minutes or 1 Hour
Product Description

Kellyco has been dedicated to helping any customer who has purchased a metal detector from us over the years. We want to go one step further and provide you a custom-built webinar just for you and your detecting needs. Once you purchase the 30-Minute or 1-Hour training session, you will receive a link in your email with dates and times available for you to schedule your session via Calendly. You will then get a short questionnaire so we have a little extra knowledge about your comfort with detecting as well as what machine you are using. Our current webinar training Specialist is our Knoxville Showroom Manager, Chris Gardner.

If you are just starting out and you happened to pick up a metal detector, but would like some help with basic assembly, ground balancing, or the various modes of your detector, the 30-minute session may be just enough to get you used to your machine and ready to take on the treasure hunt. You may want the 1-hour session with our expert if you want to get deeper into topics like threshold, discrimination or sensitivity if your machine is equipped with those settings. As a detectorist who may have been out hunting for a few hours already, you may have all those basics covered and instead you want help identifying new spots to go detecting, knowledge about how to find the Civil War relics, or maybe even some help identifying a few finds. DISCLAIMER: You may not be as happy with your find after identification as you were before, but don't be discouraged because you can always go out and find more treasure!!

  • Quick Look A custom-tailored one-on-one meeting with our in-house Metal Detecting Expert, Chris Gardner. Choose 30-minute or 1-hour options depending on how in-depth you want to go!
  • Product Type Virtual
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