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Anaconda NX-5 Standard 31" Shovel


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Rugged and Reliable. Perfect All-Purpose Digger! This Shovel is Used by the detectorists featured in Diggin with KG and Ringy.
Product Description

Anaconda NX-5 Standard 31" Shovel
Rugged and Reliable. Perfect All-Purpose Digger!

This shovel from Anaconda is made from tempered steel and heat treated for durability. The 31" shovel is powder coated black and the 9" blade has teeth on each side to cut roots. The handle is made to fit a standard 5.5" shovel holster. Also includes a built-in, double-sided bottle opener! Made in the USA. This shovel is used by Team ATC (Anaconda Treasure), also known as KG and Ringy of Diggin with KG and Ringy.


  • Blade Length : 9"
  • Total Length : 30.75"
  • Color : Powder Coated (black)
  • Foot Pegs : Wide, Non-Slip “Cleated” Foot Pegs
  • Teeth : Teeth on Blade Edges for Cutting Roots
  • Handle Width : 5.5″ Fits Standard Shovel Holster
  • Extra Feature : Built-In, Double-Sided Bottle Opener
  • Construction : Tempered Steel, Heat Treated for Durability
  • Manufactured : 100% Made in Kansas in the Good Old USA
  • This Shovel is Used by the Diggers (Team ATC)
  • SKU 1686-SHOVELNX530
  • Quick Look This Anaconda NX-5 Standard 31" Shovel is made from tempered steel and has been heat treated for durability. 9" blade length. Used by KG and Ringy!!
  • Product Dimensions 30.75x6.00x3.00
  • Manufacturer SKU 1686-SHOVELNX530
  • Manufacturer Anaconda
  • Product Type Shovels
  • Tool Size 30" and up
  • Handle Type T-Handle
  • Digging Tool Type Digging Tool
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    • ★★★★★ It Broke within 6 months.

    Review by Bigwave Diggin Life on July 1, 2022

    Got this shovel for Christmas and it started breaking where the foot pegs meet the blade . Very disappointed. Before it broke I loved it . 100 bucks down the drain.
    • ★★★★★ Great Spade But

    Review by Motherlode on September 21, 2021

    Great design, but too heavy overall. If they could produce being lighter while maintaining the strength to the most degree, then that would be a perfect spade - almost there, but will be watching for the NX-5 Lite and NX-6 Lite
    • ★★★★★ Good/Almost great

    Review by James on April 25, 2021

    I am 66 with a disability on my right side and bending over can be difficult. This shovel is a heavy duty performer but too short. Not by much. Used one owned by a detecting buddy. Found a 40" with 12" blade and rubber padded step, again super heavy duty in every respect. Made by WW Manufacturing. I normally only push about 5 to 7 inches into the dirt. I juiced it up with Hot Pink Fluorescent Paint so I can't lose it. Named it "Diggen Dani" after my 31/2 year old grand daughter.
    • ★★★★★ Awesome shovel

    Review by woodtick on January 27, 2021

    So I got this shovel for a few reasons! One its made in the USA two KG and Ringy both use it. So if it has there blessing it has to be a good tool!

    Ok, that being said... I got this shovel and out of the box I saw a few things I knew might be a problem. Out of the box this shovel is stout! Hefty paint on it and well put together. So over all its a good tool! I took it out right out of the box that day and gave it a test drive... have had many other shovels made for metal detecting the foot pegs are always small! Yes you can buy the over size steps but jeez... I just spent 120.00 or more on a shovel it should be read to go! So the foot pegs on this shovel are amazing! The only things negative I can say is the edges where not that sharp. I had to sharpen the teeth and point of this. I would also add just a little more length to it, but thats on me.. not them. Over all I would defiantly recommend this shovel!
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  • Posted On: 2/1/2021 By: Kalton Newkirk

    Q: What is the best coil replacement for garrett apex ,have a viper now

    A: That's a personal preference, there are 2 coils available. The Ripper and the Raider.

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