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  • Minelab Manticore Metal Detector - Pre-Order Reservation

    The latest Minelab detector is here, packed with Multi-IQ+ and 2D ID Map for even better target identification before your shovel even hits the dirt. Take Manticore up to 16ft in the water.
  • Garrett All Terrain Dig Pouch

    The AT Pouch is designed to help you hunt with ease and speed with mesh to sift out dirt on the go and a pinpointer holster to keep your most important accessory right at hand.
    SKU: 1664800
  • XP Deus II WS6 Master Metal Detector with 11" Search Coil

    An XP Deus II that just might not break the bank, this WS6 Master has wireless control pod, headphones and a fully waterproof coil. With 6 frequencies that operate simultaneously, you can find more treasure than before and miss some of the trash.
  • Garrett Axiom Ultra-Pulse Gold Detector - Pre-Order Reservation

    Upgrade your gold game today with Garrett's new Axiom metal detector. With Terra-Scan Technology, you can conquer difficult terrains with more ease with the Axiom's ground balance window. One DD and one Mono coil give you full flexibility to go for the gold.
    SKU: 1142720
  • CKG Carbon Fiber 3k Full Set Lower Rod & Upper Shaft for Equinox

    Shave off another 3 ounces off your Equinox detector today with this full Carbon Fiber shaft assembly from CKG. Adjustable and durable for the most dedicated detectorists out there. Weighs 7oz.
  • Nokta LG35 13.5x12.5" Search Coil (The Legend)

    Cover more ground with this larger coil for The Legend metal detector from Nokta Makro. Fully waterproof construction means you never have to worry about taking it to the beach.
    SKU: 17000173
  • Nokta LG15 6" Search Coil (The Legend)

    Tighter spaces and trashy parks just got easier to maneuver once you order this 6" coil for your The Legend. Waterproof with a DD, open configuration.
    SKU: 17000171
  • Nokta Makro The Legend Metal Detector

    The Legend has arrived. Get ready for True Simultaneous Multi-Frequency with the newest waterproof detector from Nokta Makro. Waterproof up to 10ft, with included Low-Latency Bluetooth headphones.
    SKU: 11000831
  • Nokta The Legend Pro-Pack Metal Detector

    The Legend by Nokta is here. Get ready for Simultaneous Multi-Frequency with the newest waterproof detector from Nokta Makro. Waterproof up to 10ft, with spare battery and 6" coil included.
    SKU: 11000832
  • Striker z60, StuLine Shovel and Red Elite Bag Bundle

    Take the Striker z60 out and find some treasures. Tough soils and gnarly roots won't get in your way with the StuLine shovel and you can throw everything in your Red Elite Bag when you are done detecting for the day. Also includes knee pads.
  • Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Silver Bundle

    Finding gold has never been easier than with the Gold Monster's Extra Sensitive VLF and a Gold Chance Indicator. Includes 6x10" and 5" waterproof search coils and the Pro-Gold panning kit so you can keep all the gold and toss all the black sand away.
  • XP Deus II Metal Detector with 9" Search Coil

    The Multi-Frequency detector capable of depths up to 20m is here. This package includes the 9" FMF coil and wireless WS6 headphones.
  • Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Platinum Bundle

    Finding gold has never been easier than with the Gold Monster's built in Gold Chance Indicator. Extra Sensitive VLF helps find tiny flakes of gold and get ever closer to the mother load. Includes heavy-duty StuLine shovel to dig through tough terrain.
  • XP Bone Conduction Headphones for Deus II

    Get ready to go underwater with your Deus II and these bone conduction headphones. Sending vibrations straight to your cheekbones and then on to your ear bones, these allow you to dive while keeping your ears free and still hearing those signals.
  • XP Deus Metal Detector with 9" X35 Coil and FX02 Headphones

    Get ready to enter the world of wireless detecting with the XP Deus. No more coil cable to wind and twist around during setup or worry about chopping while you are cutting a plug.
  • Garrett ACE 400 Summer Pro-Pointer Special

    Save over $60 with this bundle that includes a much needed detecting accessory - you're pinpointer! The ACE 400 + Garrett's "Carrot" or AT Pro-Pointer are a great starting place for getting into detecting and digging deep into history.
    SKU: 1141264
  • Garrett AT Pro Silver Bundle

    Full bundle to get you detecting in no time. Garrett AT Pro with Pro-Pointer AT pinpointer, StuLine shovel, and other great Kellyco gear.
  • Tarsacci MDT 8000 Metal Detector

    The Tarsacci MDT 8000 has arrived to help you navigate tough terrain wherever that may be. Beach hunting and hot rocks are even easier to deal with salinity and black sand mode as well as frequency selection.
    SKU: MDT8000_12
  • Minelab Equinox 800 Basic Bundle

    A bundle complete with detector, pinpointer and finds pouch. Safely store all your finds inside your shell pouch as you locate and recover them. Multi-frequency technology means you find more treasure than ever before.
  • Minelab Equinox 800 Premium Bundle

    Get ready to head out and detect with an excellent bundle of Minelab gear. Pinpointer, carrying bag, large coil, and more are included in this premium bundle so you can get out and find all those targets waiting to be unearthed.
  • Klesh Krums Mini Gold Paydirt

    Get ready to feel like you are right in a Colorado stream, panning for gold with Klesh's Krums Mini Gold Paydirt. With over the minimum 0.14g of gold flakes and placers, PLUS gemstones, you can't go wrong whether you are adding to your own gold collection or gifting to a friend.
  • Garrett AT Pro Summer Pro-Pointer Special

    Save over $60 with this bundle including a much needed AT Pro-Pointer pinpointer. Waterproof to 10ft, the AT Pro is ready to help you conquer any terrain including rivers, beaches and lakes.
    SKU: 1140464
  • Minelab CTX 3030 Basic Bundle

    A CTX 3030, Minelab pouch and pinpointer are all you need to uncover some relics wherever you go metal detecting. Gold prospecting, beach detecting, and relic hunting are all possible with the CTX 3030.
  • XP Deus Remote Control Pod with Cover

    Take your Deus Lite and upgrade it - or just keep a spare remote control around for your Deus so you never have to stop detecting! Includes control pod only with cover.
    SKU: D08
  • StuLine Relic Recovery Bundle

    Get out and find some treasures with this StuLine shovel bundle. Sifter pouch, finds brush, Relic Rinse and more make collecting and cleaning your relics easier than ever.
  • Kellyco Red Elite Bag Bundle

    A full setup to get you out hunting with all your gear including the new StuLine shovel by Kellyco. Throw your detector in the Red Elite Bag and go hunt down some new finds.
  • BLU3 Battery + Charger for Nemo Dive System

    Add an additional 60-90 minutes of dive time with your Nemo Dive System from Blu3. Includes one 100 Wh battery and charger.
  • XP Deus II Metal Detector with 11" Search Coil

    The Multi-Frequency detector capable of depths of 20m is here. This package includes the 11" FMF coil and wireless WS6 headphones.
  • Minelab Pro-Find 35 Bundle

    One of the best pinpointers, the Minelab Pro-Find 35 is ready to help you find relics, jewelry or any metal you encounter. Stay comfortable with knee pads and find more treasure!
  • Garrett Accessory Bundle MS-3 Wireless Z-Lynk

    Get ready to go wireless with your metal detector using this bundle from Garrett. Includes pinpointer, wireless headphones and wireless kit plus more!
  • XP Deus Metal Detector with X35 9" Coil and WS4 Headphones

    XP Deus metal detector brings you cutting-edge wireless detecting technology with a fully wireless search coil, headphones and control pod. Includes 9" X35 coil and WS4 Headphones.
  • XP ORX Metal Detector with 11" X35 Search Coil and FX02 Headphones

    The ORX has all the flexibility you want with a fully wireless control pod and coil detector. With fast recovery time, a frequency range of 3.7 to 27.7 kHz you will find treasure in no time.
    SKU: ORX-28X35FX02E
  • XP Pinpointer Holster

    Keep your most precious detecting accessory right within reach with this easy clip on holster from XP. Made for MI-6 and MI-4 pinpointers, this holster features a rotating base plate so you can bend down and it can move with you. Detect in comfort!
  • XP Metal Detector Pinpointer Stem Clip with Strap

    Clip your pinpointer right on to your XP Deus or ORX metal detector with this stem clip. Mounting is fast and easy with velcro. Just slip your MI-6 or MI-4 pinpointer into the holster and go so your trusty pinpointer is always at your side.
  • XP ORX Metal Detector with 9.5x5" HF Coil and FX02 Headphones

    Get ready to find more gold with the XP ORX equipped with an elliptical 9.5x5" high frequency search coil. A lightweight setup, adjustable recovery time, and the flexibility of 21 frequencies give you all the customization you need in one single detector.
  • XP ORX Metal Detector with 9" HF Coil and FX02 Headphones

    This ORX detector by XP is equipped with a 9" High Frequency search coil capable of operating at 21 different frequencies from 13 to 59 kHz. Complete with S-telescopic lite stem and wired FX02 headphones. Tons of versatility in one lightweight machine.
    SKU: ORX-22FX02E
  • XP Deus Lite Metal Detector with 11" X35 Coil and WS4 Headphones

    Wireless technology has changed detecting with the Deus Lite metal detector from XP. Complete with 11" X35 search coil capable of 35 different operating frequencies and a pair of WS4 wireless headphones start detecting with cutting edge technology.
  • XP Deus Lite Metal Detector with 11" X35 Coil and WS5 Headphones

    Wireless detecting lighter than ever with the XP Deus Lite detector. Free yourself from cords that make detecting even more complicated. Wireless 11" x35 coil, telescopic lite S-Stem, and WS5 wireless headphones included. No remote control included.
  • XP Deus Lite Metal Detector with 9" X35 Coil and WS5 Headphones

    Fully wireless and lighter than ever, the XP Deus Lite detector is here to free you up to find even more treasure on each hunt. Includes 9" X35 search coil, telescopic s-stem, and WS5 headphones. No remote control pod is included. 8 custom settings and more!
  • XP Gold Pan Batea Kit

    More gold is within reach with this 20" batea kit from XP. Complete with stainless steel defragmenter and 15" classifier as well as a bunch of other great prospecting accessories. The perfect shade of blue to spot the gold your are sifting out of paydirt.
  • Striker z60 Metal Detector and StuLine Shovel Bundle

    Start finding relics today with the Striker z60 and StuLine shovel detecting bundle. The Striker allows you to adjust what targets you are searching for and know how deep they may be. Cut a plug with the StuLine shovel and get straight to the treasure.
  • XP Deus with 11" X35 Coil and WS5 Headphones

    Get ready to go fully wireless with the XP Deus metal detector complete with wireless headphones. Includes 11" Round X35 search coil.
  • CKG 11x8" Sand Scoop Bundle for Metal Detecting

    This CKG beach bundle is ready to help you scoop the treasures and leave the sand. Get ready to head out and find some silver coins and gold jewelry at the beach while you are out treasure hunting along the Treasure Coast.
  • CKG 10x5" Sand Scoop and Carbon Fiber Handle Bundle

    The beach is ready for you once you have this bundle from CKG. Complete with pouch, carbon fiber handle and scoop, you can't go wrong. Pick this up before you find your next gold chain slipping through your fingers.
  • XP MI-6 Pinpointer

    The MI-6 has wireless technology like no other pinpointer with the ability to pair up right to your Deus or ORX pod and provide you visuals for each signal.
    SKU: MI-6-AM
  • RTG Pro 5" Stainless Steel Sand Scoop

    Scoop this 47" long sand scoop for your next beach trip out detecting. With 4-1/2 lbs of weight, you don't have to weigh yourself down too much to scoop a lot of sand out of your way.
    SKU: 733
  • Minelab Wear Kit for Equinox

    Don't let a wobbly coil get in the way of the gold, jewelry, coins and relics waiting for you in the dirt. Complete with 2 washers, 1 bolt and 1 nut for Equinox 600 and Equinox 800 from Minelab.
  • Garrett AT Max Summer Pro-Pointer Special

    Who can go wrong with a FREE AT Pro-Pointer? Don't miss this chance to save on your AT Max and get that free pinpointer, probably your most needed accessory out in the detecting field.
    SKU: 1142065
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