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Coin Finders and Jewelry Metal Detectors

Whether you are new to metal detecting or you have been at it for years, it is important to find the best metal detector for coins and jewelry that you can. If you are treasure hunting for coins, jewelry, or both, you can be sure that Kellyco has a detector that is right for you. We offer a wide variety of jewelry detectors and the best coin hunting metal detectors, ranging from entry-level to high-end.

For more tips on coin finders and jewelry metal detectors, read our guide on The Best Coin Metal Detector on Today's Market.

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Best Metal Detector for Coins

When it comes to picking out the best metal detector for finding coins, there are some important features that set them apart from one another. One of the most important factors when it comes to coin hunting is the frequency at which certain machines operate. Detectors within the 6-15 kHz range are ideal for most coin hunting applications. Another important feature possessed by some metal detectors are ground balance features. Some detectors have automatic balancing, while others have manual balancing, allowing detectorists more control over their hunt.

Garrett has developed some of the best coin finders on the market. Whether you are wanting to try finding gold coins with your metal detector, or you are looking for new coins on the beach, this company makes some excellent VLF (very low frequency) machines. For entry-level detectorists, the Garrett ACE series makes a great first metal detector. For the more experienced detectorist, the Garrett AT Pro and Garrett AT Max are excellent choices.

Minelab produces some of the best metal detectors for coins on the market today. The Minelab CTX 3030 is one of their high-end metal detectors that works like a charm. If you are in search of a mid-level detector, don’t overlook their Equinox series.

Be sure to read our complete guide on The Best Coin Metal Detectors on Today's Market," for more tips.

Best Jewelry Detector

Finding a nice gold ring can pay for your entire jewelry detector in one hole dug! In many cases, the best metal detectors for coins and jewelry often possess the same qualities and features. Ground balance and operating frequency are two of the largest factors. Another big thing to keep in mind is that if you are hunting beaches, you may want a waterproof metal detector. Most metal detectors today come with an LCD screen that includes a target ID feature, allowing you to have an idea of what your target is before you even dig it!

The Fisher brand of metal detectors is world-renowned for its jewelry-finding capabilities. For an entry-level machine, it would be hard to beat the Fisher F22 with the DD coil option. For a veteran jewelry digger, the Fisher F75 should definitely be on your radar.

Best Metal Detector for Both Gold and Coins

If you are a hobbyist looking for a machine that can find both gold and coins, it can be hard to find a perfect compromise between gold abilities and coin abilities. Luckily for treasure hunters, there are some machines that are dynamite on both gold and coins! If you are wanting an excellent all-around metal detector, look into the Garrett AT Gold, as it is magic on coins and gold.

Bounty Hunter is perfect for those beginners looking for a quality machine with a smaller investment, but also for advanced detectorists looking for a backup metal detector. From the Fast Tracker, to the Land Ranger Pro models, this company has helped find countless rings, earrings, and gold!

Where to Find Gold Coins with a Metal Detector

Nothing gets a metal detectorist’s heart pounding quite like a gold coin! Now that you have picked out the detector you want to buy, you have to figure out where to find coins at. Some great places to go coin hunting are around old homes, parks, beaches, churches, and sports fields.When hunting in public places, make sure to use a pinpointer whenever possible. Pinpointers allow you to find your coin without making a huge hole, which will keep landowners happy.

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