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Two Box Metal Detectors

If you want to detect deep objects to make sure you don’t miss anything, then a two box metal detector will be your best option. These deep seeking metal detectors are specifically designed to help detectorists interested in prospecting - or normal treasure hunters - to go beyond the surface and go back even further in time than you may have thought possible.

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What are Two Box Metal Detectors?

What do we mean by a 2 box metal detector? This isn’t your normal pro metal detector where traditional versions deal with locating smaller objects near the surface. Instead, the 2-box metal detector uses a special search coil that allows its signal to be sent deeper into the ground than what you can with a normal VLF machine. 

This particular coil is not found on any other type of metal detector. It works by sending a signal into the ground which then ricochets off the object and alerting the detector. While this is similar to what occurs with other types of metal detector, it is the sensitivity, precision, and power of this search coil that takes the two box metal detector to a whole other level. If you are serious about this as a hobby, then using a deep seeking metal detector is important.

What is the Best Metal Detector for Depth

With a deep seeking metal detector, you also want to check that the model either has its own pinpointing device or you may want to add one to your own kit. Without a pinpointer, you run the risk of spending a lot of time and energy narrowing down your search. Also, you increase the chances of damaging whatever you are uncovering.

Models such as the Garrett GTI or Whites TM will change the way you detect. Not only are they waterproof but their powerful locator will make finding metal objects so much easier. In the case of the Whites TM 808, you can detect as deep as 20 feet while it also narrows down the target size, and it does this without the need to blow a large budget.

Choosing the Correct Two Box Metal Detector 

The correct two box metal detector will depend on what you intend to do as a treasure hunter or detectorist. Also, there are different price levels to consider. 

Those at the lower end of the metal detecting market will still be capable of searching to a significant depth but be aware that they will be able to determine the type of target. This doesn’t become a problem as you move towards the more high-end box detectors where uncovering precious metals is made easier by varying operating frequencies and that pinpoint precision that you would expect from a high-quality product.

Even those in the mid-range have the ability to determine if something is either ferrous or non-ferrous. They can also locate possible voids underground that may indicate the hiding place of buried treasure chests or other valuables. Often, the most valuable items would be hidden far below the surface to keep them safe, so a normal metal detector will not be sufficient.

If you are in the market for a two box metal detector in order to search deeper than before, then we have the perfect solution for any budget at Kellyco. Give our customer care department a call to ask any question you may have and our metal detectorists experts will only be too happy to help.

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