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Metal Detectors

Metal detecting is one of the greatest hobbies in the world, combining physical exercise, the potential to find treasure, and the thrill of digging up history. Kellyco has a wide selection of metal detectors from a variety of manufacturers that will suit gold prospectors, relic hunters, coin hunters, and jewelry seekers. If you have any questions about metal detectors, please feel free to reach out to us, as we would be happy to help.

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How Does a Metal Detector Work?

While a metal detector may seem like a complicated machine, it’s more simple than you may think. Essentially, a metal detector is made up of a few main components, each with their own purpose. The search coil sends and receives a magnetic field, and anytime a metal object is scanned, it will send this signal to the control box. The control box contains all of the more complicated electronics and once a metallic signal comes through, the control box beeps. The shaft is what connects the search coil and the control box together, and this is essentially what forms your metal detector and causes it to work.

Why Should I Purchase a Metal Detector?

Every person who purchases a metal detector has their own reason for doing so, but there are some very common reasons why people buy detectors. The largest reason is that if you use your metal detector in certain areas, you have the potential to find some valuable old coins, jewelry, and relics. In addition to finding ‘free money’, you can also find any metal objects that you or family members may have lost, be it a metal part to a machine, a wedding ring, a class ring, or any other metal target. The final reason, and one of the most compelling, is that metal detecting can be a great way to stay in shape. Combining adventure, practicality, and exercise, metal detecting is a perfect way to spend your free time.

Which Metal Detector Should I Buy?

Picking out the perfect metal detector to suit your needs can be intimidating. There are a wide variety of excellent choices from many manufacturers. With that being said, there are some important factors you can keep in mind that can help guide your purchase.

One of the biggest factors you will want to take into account is where you will be using the metal detector. If you plan to hunt near or in water, be it beaches, streams, or the ocean, you should purchase an underwater metal detector that is designed to be waterproof when submerged. If you will primarily treasure hunt on land, you might not feel the need for a waterproof detector.

Another important consideration is thinking about what particular type of metal detecting you want to do. If you are someone who wants to prospect for gold, you will want to purchase a metal detector that is specifically designed to find gold more effectively with a higher frequency. If you are someone who wants to find relics and cover a lot of ground, consider getting a detector with a large search coil.

Finally, the most important factor that usually concerns customers is the cost of the machine. While an expensive machine might perform better than a cheaper metal detector, they will both still find metal targets in most cases. Oftentimes, a higher priced metal detector can detect smaller targets deeper in the ground, however many people have found many great targets with cheaper detectors.

What Is the Best Metal Detector?

It is impossible to decide what the best metal detector is, as each one fills a need for a certain type of detectorist. With that being said, there are several best selling metal detectors that our customers love.

The Garrett Metal Detectors ACE line of metal detectors is great for beginners and even intermediates in the field of metal detecting. These are high-quality machines that will last decades. In addition to the ACE series, Garrett also has their AT Pro and AT Gold detectors that are famous for their sensitivity and performance. The Minelab Equinox 800 is one of the most sought-after metal detectors in the market today, due to its durability and target-finding capabilities. There are so many other popular models of metal detectors from companies like Fisher, Bounty Hunter, White’s, and Nokta Makro. Any of these metal detectors will perform very well and give you ample opportunities to find treasure.

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