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Metal detectors have come a long way over the years. Technology has improved incredibly, allowing prospectors to predetermine the size, depth and type of metal before digging. Discrimination settings allow you to seek out certain metals and even at specific depths. Auditory indicators vary depending on the machine, the find, and the users settings. Reading the instruction manual for your machine will help you effectively find what you're hunting. Don't miss another target, learn everything you can about your metal detector.

Kellyco offers free online instruction manuals for every metal detector we carry. If you do not see your manufacturer or model, please feel free to email us your manual request to be uploaded.

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Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Cobra Metal Detectors

DetectorPro Metal Detectors
  • Headhunter Pirate [English] 2.18 MB
  • Headhunter Pirate Pro [English] 542 KB
  • Headhunter Pulse [English] 1.65 MB
  • Headhunter Wader [English] 1.84 MB
  • Headhunter Underwater [English] 3.69 MB

Fisher Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors

Keene Engineering
  • General Dredge Instructions [English] 720 KB
  • 2.5" Dredge Guide [English] 180 KB
  • 2004 Series Dredge Guide [English] 429 KB
  • 4" Dredge Guide [English] 695 KB
  • 5" & 6" Dredge Instruction Guide [English] 972 KB
  • 8040 Dredge Instructions [English] 1.96 MB
  • The Mini Power Sluice [English] 144 KB
  • 140 & 151 Drywasher Guide [English] 286 KB
  • Firefighter Instructions [English] 34 KB
  • Hookah Instructions [English] 78 KB
  • H2 Harness Instructions [English] 229 KB

Lorenz Metal Detectors

Minelab Metal Detectors

MP Metal Detectors

Nautilus Metal Detectors

Night Owl Optics
  • NexGen™ Gview - No Manual
  • NexGen™ NONEXGEN-W [English] 1.40 MB
  • NexGen™ NONM3X-G [English] 1.40 MB
  • NexGen™ NONM4X-MR [English] 1.40 MB

Nokta Metal Detectors

OKM Metal Detectors

Predator Metal Detectors

Quantro Sensing Magnetometers
  • Discovery Diver Magnetometer [English] 1.34 MB
  • Discovery LC1 Proton Magnetometer [English] 2.61 MB
  • Discovery Tone Mag 1 & 1A [English] 2.17 MB

Teknetics Metal Detectors

Tesoro Metal Detectors

Titan Metal Detectors

Vibra Metal Detectors

Viper Metal Detectors
  • Hybrid All Purpose [English] 885 KB

White's Metal Detectors

More Instruction Manuals Coming Soon!