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Lightweight Metal Detectors

Lightweight metal detectors are great options for retirees, seniors, young kids, and those detectorists looking to swing for hours on end. Lightweight detectors come with a lot of the same features heavier machines do, so rest assured that more pounds does not equal better performance. Lightweight metal detectors can be taken practically anywhere, used by anyone, and detect nearly everything.
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  • Fisher Gold Bug DP Metal Detector

    Tailored to gold prospecting, the Fisher Gold Bug Pro packs a sophisticated ground balancing system, signal gain tech, unique discrimination control system, etc.
    SKU: goldbug-dp
  • Minelab GO-FIND 66 Metal Detector

    The lightweight, collapsible Minelab Go-Find 66 delivers value using a versatile, high sensitivity, waterproof search coil for best results
    SKU: 3231-0015
  • Quest Pro Sport Pack Metal Detector

    Waterproof QuestPro Sport Pack detector fitted with 11 x 9" Raptors TurboD coil, LCD screen, wireless headphones and weighs less than 3 lbs
    SKU: 1703.6000 Sports Pack
  • Quest X10 Metal Detector

    This Quest X10 machine is lightweight and includes high performance TurboD coils.
    SKU: 1902.101
  • Teknetics Alpha 2000 Metal Detector

    This is the Alpha 2000 from Teknetics. Light weight and reliable, this detector is sure to perform with its discrimination control and other features.
  • Teknetics EuroTek Metal Detector

    High performance EuroTek detector from Teknetics. Well padded arm rest, variable discrimination & sensitivity + lots other cool features.
  • Quest X5 Metal Detector

    Versatile and adaptable, this Quest X5 detector with USB rechargeable batteries satisfies the needs of pro and green detectorists alike.
    SKU: 1901.101
  • XP Metal Detectors Deus RC WS4 Metal Detector

    Built with the latest detector technology, the Deus RC WS4 is a fully digitized machine with fast signal processing and great sensitivity.
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