RNB Innovations Lithium Polymer Battery with Charger (Excalibur II)


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This lithium ion battery from RNB Innovations for the Minelab Excalibur delivers the power that you need.

Product Description

This lithium ion battery from RNB Innovations for the Minelab Excalibur delivers the power that you need. You’ll find that you’re able to hunt for days on a single charge. The battery comes with a wall charger for easy recharging. You’ll get more battery life when you need it. This long-life lithium ion battery has a long life with no fading power when in use. This battery gives you the freedom to roam and enjoying up to 60 hours of detecting before you need to recharge. Get the most trusted lithium ion battery on the market.

Installation Instructions:

1- First remove the black soft plastic end cover that is glued to the battery pod.
2- Very carefully insert a straightened out heavy paper clip that has been bent in half between the cover and the battery pod, moving it around to break the glue's bond without tearing the cover.
3- Once the cover is free, remove the cover from the pod.
4- Mark the end cap and battery pod with a magic marker so the end cap can be replaced in the same position.
5- Completely remove both set screws holding the end cap in the battery pod.
6- Very carefully twist and pull the end cap out of the tube, the resistance is from the O-ring which must NOT be damaged or the pod can leak.
7- The battery pack will now slide out of the pod, make sure there is no dirt or sand left inside the pod by wiping it clean.
8- Disconnect the old battery pack.
9- Very carefully remove and clean the O-ring, do NOT use any sharp instruments to remove it.
10- Once the O-ring has been wiped clean with a soft paper towel apply silicone grease all around the O-ring sparingly, Ace Hardware 90% pure silicone grease 4095667 works well as does Sil-Glyde.
11- Place the O-ring back into the end cap groove and connect the new battery pack, making sure the connectors are clean, optionally add some dielectric grease.
12- Slide the new battery pack into the battery pod, if it is a tight fit due to the older pod versions taper, apply some silicone grease to the edges of the pack to insert.
13- If a silica desiccant pack came out of the pod when opened replace it at this time.
14- Very carefully twist and push the end cap back into the pod without pinching the O-ring, which could cause leakage.
15- Once the end cap is back in and the magic marker lines and screw holes line up, place the set screws back in.
16- Do NOT over tighten, snug them down firmly without stripping the threads.
17- Place the soft black plastic end cover back on by putting two dabs of RTV silicone rubber inside it and pushing it on.
18- Optionally you may wrap a turn and a half of electrical vinyl tape around the battery pod covering the set screw holes and let friction hold the end cover in place.
19- Charge the new battery before use.
20- ONLY use the supplied charger for charging the Lithium Polymer Battery

* Lithium Polymer Battery ONLY - POD NOT INCLUDED!

  • SKU 1582-RNBEX3000
  • Quick Look Hunt for days with a single charge when your Excalibur II detector is powered by this RNB innovations Li-Po battery. Free charger included.
  • Manufacturer SKU RNB-EX-3000
  • Manufacturer RNB Innovations
  • Product Type Batteries
  • Battery Type Lithium-Polymer
  • Battery Accessory Type Battery
  • Fits Minelab
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    • ★★★★★ Well made

    Review by Florida Sam on December 4, 2019

    Looks to be a quality made battery pack, and I should know. Cost wise I was happy to buy one that i know will fit as opposed to making one myself.
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 3/15/2021 By: John Ross

    Q: Company may no longer be in business need battery for my excal 2. If not bettery whst size of batteries.. Mili amps...type of cells number of bettery

    A: This is the battery for the Excalibur II https://www.kellycodetectors.com/nimh-battery-pod-excalibur-ii

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