Minelab CTX 3030:
FREE 17" Coil

Kellyco's Hot Deals for June!

Don't miss this month's HOT DEALS from Kellyco Metal Detectors. From detectors to accessories, we have everything you need to outfit your next hunt. Treasure Awaits!

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  • Kellyco Fine Mist Spray Bottle for Finds Cleaning



    Keep a spray bottle handy to rinse off your finds, freeing them of any loose mud or dirt so you can see your find a little better before you go in and do the fine cleaning.
    SKU: WP4AW
  • Kellyco CSI Sticker



    Love Kellyco and forensic detecting? This sticker is perfect for anyone out to Detect and Recover.
  • Pandion Salvage Boat White T-Shirt



    Now you can own a shirt showing your love of salvage and the Treasure Coast. Featuring Pandion Treasure Salvage with Nautical Compass theme.
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