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DetectorPro Gray Ghost NDT Headphones


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Product highlights

Features a Very Rugged Detachable Cord with a High-Quality Connector System with a 1/4 inch plug.
Product Description

DetectorPro Gray Ghost NDT Headphones
Features a Very Rugged Detachable Cord with a High-Quality Connector System with a 1/4" inch plug.

Does this sound familiar... A month of research and you’ve just hiked two miles into the forest after pinpointing an old cellar hole on an old map. You can only afford one set of quality headphones. As you setup your detector and power on, you hear nothing! Suddenly you remember the tree branch that caught and yanked your headphone cord really hard. Luckily you packed mini-phones, but they have an 1/8" plug and you lost the adapter! Now you’ll have to settle for using the loudspeaker to hear the deepest old coins, jewelry and relics... That is if your detector has a built-in speaker!

If this has happened to you, you already know the value of having a good backup. Detector Pro's universal Gray Ghost NDT headphones are based on the strong features of the already famous Gray Ghost Originals. For the NDT, DetectorPro has engineered a very rugged detachable cord with a high-quality connector system with a 1/4" inch plug..

*Please Note : If using a DetectorPro Headphone on the Minelab CTX-3030, an optional 1/4" mono to stereo adapter may be required when using the removable 1/4" Headphone module.

  • SKU 1219-27000
  • Quick Look Bearing DetectorPro's Gray Ghost badge of quality, and equipped with detachable cords, this NDT set is handy and delivers pro level sounds always!
  • Manufacturer SKU GGNDT
  • Manufacturer DetectorPro
  • Product Type Headphones
  • Headphone Type Headphones
  • Wireless Non-Wireless
  • Waterproof Non-Waterproof
  • Connector Universal
More Information

DetectorPro Gray Ghost NDT Headphones

Technical Specifications:

  • Push-Button Switch Activates Limiter
  • Heavy-Duty Muff-to-Muff Connection Cable
  • Compact Carry and Storage Foldable Design
  • Industrial Grade Nylon 6/6 Pigtail Strain Relief on Cord Termination
  • Adjustable Padded Headband… No Screws, No Wire Frame, No Rust!
  • Single Rotary Volume Control with “Stay Put” Segmented “Click” Positioning
  • Heavy-Duty Polymer Muffs with Full-Ear Surround, Soft Comfortable Cushions
  • Push-Button Selector Switch for Metal Detector Compatibility without Adapters
  • Speaker Elements are the Ultimate in Sensitivity, Efficiency, Durability, and Signal Quality
  • Heavy-Duty Coiled Cord with a Special Three Conductor 1/4″, 90° Angle Stereo Connector
  • Special Sound-Blocking Muff Design Eliminating Environmental Ambient Noise up to 24 Decibels
  • Special Low-Noise Signal Limiting Circuitry Protects your Hearing from High Volume Hits without Batteries
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    • ★★★★★ Garrett gray ghost headphones

    Review by CHRIS on May 29, 2020

    I have a Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II metal detector and I am interested in buying the gray ghost headphones, Anytime you have a metal detector, you have to have good headphones so you can get terrific and good readings. I recommend getting a good pair of headphones from Garrett. I went to Florida a couple years ago and the beach. Incredible machine! I would highly recommend it!
    • ★★★★★ Great

    Review by K2 on October 19, 2019

    Great quality. Detachable cord (both ends) makes replacement easy.
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 9/5/2020 By: eddie allen

    Q: does the new NDT comes with 1/8 in jack on there website, it says, 1/8 jack since 2018


    Yes, this would come with the 1/8 jack. 

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