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GPAA 1 Year Membership Kit

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GPAA 1 Year Membership Plus Detecting & Prospecting Accessories
Product Description

Kellyco GPAA 1 Year Membership Kit
GPAA 1 Year Membership Plus Detecting & Prospecting Accessories

Even to experienced metal detectorist, gold prospecting can be intimidating! Now, it doesn’t have to be. With the GPAA 1 Year Membership Kit, you will have all you need to join the adventure of gold prospecting. With access to over 300 claim sites across the U.S., you will always have a destination for your next adventure without the hassle of researching your search area and gaining permission. Whether you are looking for something close to home, or turning your next hunt into a road trip, the GPAA 1 Year Membership has you covered.

But joining GPAA is so much more than just access to gold prospecting claims, membership gives you access to a community of gold prospectors and a host of information to guide you on your way to your next big find. Whether it’s advice regarding search techniques or gear recommendations and beyond, the GPAA 1 Year Membership will enhance your knowledge and keep you in the know. With valuable tools such as the 14" Gold Pan and Mining Guide and Snuffer Bottle as well as GPAA accessories, you will be prepared to take on whatever you encounter in your search for treasure. Join the GPAA family today!

What's Included:

  • 1 Year Activation
  • 14" Gold Pan : Take advantage of this high-quality gold pan with unique, gold-trapping ridges that enable you to save time without sacrificing precious gold!
  • Mining Guide : Locate all 300+ gold-bearing properties in the mining guide, featuring geographic tips, detailed claim information, turn-by-turn directions, and much more.
  • Instructional DVD : Make your first trip profitable by learning the trip of the trade with this prospecting DVD.
  • GPAA Hat, Small Patch & Stickers : Become a member of this vibrant community, and sport your very own GPAA accessories, from the hat to the patch and stickers!
  • Snuffer Bottle : Easily retrieve your gold flakes with this handy snuffer bottle.
  • Gold Prospectors Magazine : Stay up to date with this bi-monthly publication on everything prospecting, featuring true adventure stories, equipment studies, "How to" articles, and more.
  • Pick & Shovel Gazette : Never miss a detail with this GPAA member publication, featuring local chapter news and events, new mining claims and more.
  • SKU 1771-wkit1yr
  • Product Dimensions 15.25x14.25x6.25
  • Manufacturer SKU wkit1yr
  • Manufacturer Kellyco
  • Product Type Detecting Kits
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Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 8/2/2020 By: Ricky

    Q: good day I live in southern ca Ventura ca I am thinking of joining A club I was wonder how far I would have to drive to the. sites our if you have a site to see were your clam our located probably a dumb Quieston but any info will be apercite


    You would need to reach out to the GPAA directly to find out where their claims are located. I believe the list of claims is for members only but they may be able to let you know if there is one in that area.

  • Posted On: 7/30/2020 By: ricky cox

    Q: do you have clams in southern California and can you give general are I live in Ventura California our how fair away trying to find a place around 2 hour drive give our take thank you very munch Ricky cox


    You would need to reach out to the GPAA directly to find out where their claims are located. I believe the list of claims is for members only but they may be able to let you know if there is one in that area.

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